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My cat hates me...

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Suddenly one morning last week my cat sees me and screams, hisses, growls, defacates and runs away. This has happened twice before, but my cat seems to come around after a few days. A month ago I took her to the vet to make sure that there was not something medically wrong with her and all of her tests came back normal. Now here I am a month later and all I did was walk into the room and she is upset. She hides upstairs and if you even walk by the stairs to where she is she growls and screams. She would poo every time she'd get really mad or scared and so we had to put her in the basement. She will be okay with my husband, but as soon as I come around she screams growls and hides. She will let me pet her but if she comes upstairs and I am around she screams growls and hides if I talk or move around the house. I tried Feliway and some rescue remedy the last time, but it doesn't seem to be helping calm her. Am I ever going to get my loveable kitty back?
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Welcome to TCS!!

I very strongly suggest another vet visit, possibly with a different vet. I guess, to me, it seriously sounds like there is something physically wrong. it possible that you hurt her in some way, like pushed her off the bed in your sleep? Stepped on a paw or tail?
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Hi Natalie, thanks for the reply. I can tell she is scared, but last night I sat downstairs with her on my lap and pet her because she usually sits with me and sleeps with me. She licked me and rubbed her head on me and seemed comfortable. I live in a really rural area so we don't have a variety of vets, but I will make a point to try someone different! Thanks again, Sarah
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Sarah, my first thought, actually, was of the possiblity of a seizure that you cannot visibly see.

I am in rural southwestern MN, so I can relate to the lack of vets, but sometimes it's worth a drive. I drive 30 minutes to take mine to a real vet. The one in town here in nuts & almost killed my Twitch, as well as screwed up a spay surgery on one of my dogs. I tell ya, sometimes it's really worth the trip.
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Thanks Natalie. We must be neighbors! I will have to check out who might be good around here! Sarah
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I think your cat did what mine sometimes do - see a strange cat outside the window and because she couldn't get out to attack it (protect her territory) attacked the first thing that moved inside, you. They're not exactly 'with it' when they go into attack mode, but are going on pure instinct, and it's happened over and over again not just with my cats but lots of others. If there was another cat indoors, they'd be the victim. Take it easy (though do do a vet check) because I think it may well be nothing serious. It usually 'goes away' in a matter of hours or couple of days. Do you know for sure there are no strays or tomcats around that she can't see?
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Hi Larke: I don't think she has seen anything, but we do have an inside dog. It's normal for her to meow or even bat at the dog, but when she is like this, it almost seems like she likes the dog. Right now she is hiding in a cupboard in our basement and will let us pet her and she'll lick us, but once she has had enough she lets you know (usually she can't get enough attention). I brought her upstairs yesterday and she played with me and even came and laid by me, but that was short lived because as soon as she saw me get up and sit back down she was back to growling and screaming. The last time this happened I took her to the vet and after she got home she was better by that night - it was about 3 days. This time it has lasted almost five days and she really gets mad when we bring her upstairs to her normal living area. She seems to be eating, drinking and using the litter box as normal. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this so she will feel like herself again soon! Sarah
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I seem to be sharing the same problem. I just got my cat. It has been maybe two weeks now and he is the most inconsistent animal i have ever seen. At times, he follows me around, sits on my lap, kisses and purrs at me and other times he acts like i am the devil in the flesh. It seems like his attitude changes at 10pm or so. He gets into a primal hunting mode and turns into a completely different cat.

Not only that but whenever i get on to him and tell him no for jumping on counters, he acts skiddish around me for a while afterward. i usually have to initiate a pet or an apology. Its strange. These are complex little animals and perhaps that is part of the reason i am drawn to the species.

Your problem sounds a lot stranger. The hissing and growling is the most alarming part. Is it possible that you being female and her being female that she came into heat and became threatened by you in some way?? I would have to agree that another trip to the vet would in order. Please let me know how that turns out. Is my cat normal?
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Hi Lexington: My husband told me the cat just hates me and this morning told me it must be my hair or something! Nice hunh!? The first time she ever was like this was when we let a stray in until we could find the owner which really was only a half hour to an hour and my cat went pee on my computer chair! I know she was mad and what she was mad about. Last night I tried to reason with her to come upstairs and be normal, but apparently my husband tried to bring her up when he got home from work and she got mad and hissed and growled at him - guess it isn't my hair! I'll let you know what the vet says! Good grief what next I tell you!!
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I hope I did not miss this info, I did read over the first post a few times, but how old is she? Is she spayed? This is the mane concern of this type of behavior, over aggressive, super sensitive senses (smell especially) all part of hormonal development. Also an infection can cause the same behavior, pain and or exhaustion/depression can cause the same emotional behavior.......Second vet check would be my recommendation as well if applies
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Hi Cheylink: My cat is spayed and declawed in the front. She is about 4 years old. Thanks for the recommendation! Sarah
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My cat Reese seems to be feeling better with the exception of not wanting to go upstairs. If we bring her up she growls and hisses, but if we sit with her in the basement she will sit on our laps and play and purr and lick us. It seems to be a smell or something upstairs because she will sort of snort when we bring her up. Can Feliway defusers do the opposite and make cats mad? My other theory is she saw or smelled another cat outside when we had the windows open. I am happy to report that she seems to be less angry but has found a new home in the basement for now!
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I don't think a Feliway diffuser would cause the behavior you are seeing....but I don't know.
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