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My sister is going to be in a music video...Need Some Vibes!!!

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Ok so next week my sister (20 yrs old) is flying out to New York by herself for two nights to shoot a music video with the band Technikult of Flesh! I am nervous because she will be flying by herself (a lay over both ways in cleveland), will be staying at The Clarion across from Laguardia airport, and will be by her lonesome! We have both been to New York before but never by ourselves...Im so worried for her! Please give my sister good vibes for a safe trip and for a wonderful experience! Below is a trailer for the video she will be in (the girl in the trailer is not my sister, they havent shot her part of the script yet)....WARNING: Do not watch if you are easily is a song about child abuse! Lets hope my sister can be serious (she has to cry) and not the silly girl I know her as when it comes to crunch time...
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Thanks... I don't think it is a good idea her roaming New York by herself (the hotel she is staying in is kind of ghetto) but I can't stop her! Oh Im such a worry wart!
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Oh wow how exciting!! {{{{vibes}}}} for her!

New York is a scary place, but I'm sure she will be fine I have a younger sister myself, so I can understand your concern.
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That's so cool! Lots of good vibes heading her way.
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She'll be fine. Tell her to keep her money in her bra.

Sending "stay safe" vibes!
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Sending lots of stay safe vibes her way! (((vibes))) be sure she has some pepper spray with her too.
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Thanks...I will definitley post the video up when it has been released by the artist! At least its only for a few days!
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U wouldnt be doing your job of being a big sister if u didnt worry Its in the description to worry about ur siblings !

But that does have to be exciting

I am sending many safe trip and stay vibes and I hope all goes well with the video
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Crossing everything for a safe trip for your sister!
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I think it is a cool opportunity as well, just have to get use to the fact that my baby sister is a grown up now and able to make her own decisions. I suppose when I was her age i would have went for it to...How many times do you get the opportunity to be flown in to do a music video lol?
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