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Bad Nakita!

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My partner came home very late from work last night. We made dinner, cleaned up and then got ready for bed. I was up stairs and he kept saying how tired he was and he couldn't wait to fall asleep because of the terrible day he had at work.

So all of a sudden I heard him yell Nakita! and heard some running and noise in the kitchen. I come tearing downstairs to see what happened. My partner was putting stuff back in the fridge when he placed an opened box of baking soda on the counter. In the meantime, Nakita was walking by when *somehow* the box fell on top of her (I think he placed it on the edge of the counter). Baking soda went everywhere! Nakita (who looked like a *ghost*) went tearing around the house tracking it with her!

If was hilarious !!! Nakita's head and half her body was completely white. She was tearing around like a "she-devil" and of course tracking the baking soda everywhere. My partner was not happy! When I told him I'll clean it up he just layed down in the middle of the baking soda encrusted kitchen floor and *faked* sobbing. He said "This has to be the most exhausting day of my life!


It took over an hour to clean the house and Nakita (thank god we have hardwood floors). She was kind of "pastey" but I think I got it all out.

I'm still laughing!
:laughing: :laughing:
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:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: That is hysterical!!! Thanks for the much needed laugh today!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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What an exciting night! Ok - where are the pics? There is always time to snap a picture!
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Ady, unfortunately I don't have a camera! I "borrow" my partner's company camera.

Actually I don't "borrow" it, I test it for "quality" and "performance" factors so the company can make sure that the camera is up to standard! Yeah...that's what I do...

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That would have been a sight to see!! :laughing:
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Kassy Mate LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

Pete and I were reading this last night(1.40am) and just rolled around laughing. Man I wish you had got that on film!
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That is too funny!
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You will just have to invite me over with my digital camera!
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That is too funny!! Poor Nakita...covered by this funny substance, Daddy going insane, and Mommy laughing! I wish you had a camera...that would have been a classic pic.
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