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Finally found a vet I like!

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I found a cat-only vet hospital and made an appt for the end of June! I'm so excited, the first vet we went to in Columbus, I didn't like...

Shhhh, nobody tell Zissou!

Does anyone know anything about cabs and pet policies? Is that a normal thing for them, or will I have to ask around?
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I know nothing about cabs, but you had best ask around....you'd hate to call a cab only to find out you can't take Zissou with!
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I recommend asking around just to be prepared, but in my experience as long as your pet is locked safely in a carrier, they don't really seem to care. I took Wally to his last vet appointment in a cab. I asked the vet receptionist if there was a cab company they used regularly. She said yes and gave me the number, and I called them. When I told the dispatcher the address, he said "oh yeah, the cat vet." So apparently they were used to transporting people and their cats.

Good luck with your new vet!
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Good luck with the new vet. Sounds very promising.

I've never taken my cats in a cab, but I have seen people come and go in them at my vet. Probably safer to call and ask.
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I've seen pets in carriers on public buses, I called the cab company here and they said it was ok as long as the pet was in a pet carrier. Each city likely has their own policy I'm sure. I wonder if people who volunteer at animal shelters would likely step up if you needed a ride to take a pet to a clinic. These volunteers have great hearts and are eager to help.
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Well, I can beg a ride off someone if I need to, I just hate to do it. I'm in a car including cabs only a few times a year, but I still feel like its annoying to be begging rides even though the vet is only 5 or 10 minutes away!

I know the bus won't let you here, they're sooo strict!

But I am so excited about this vet the last one was in the ghetto and my mom forbade me to ever go there again after she drove by it (not exaggerating, robberies and shooting deaths are not uncommon that side of the street), it smelt like pee, he didn't look at her teeth... but the kicker was that they have a cat just wandering around, very friendly, but Zissou was not enthralled and it flipped her out something fierce. She's always been great with vets but she was hissing and biting and pitched a big fit. I don't want to go back there!

So we're going to a cat-only vet where everyone has to be in a carrier and it looks like a spa! 78$ for the base exam but the shots and stuff aren't too bad.

Thank you all for the advice!
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So glad you found one!
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The best thing we ever did was change the cats to a cat only vet, they are much calmer there without the smell of dogs etc and like the one you looked at, it is like a spa. (In fact I think they prefer it there to here, with big bay windows, little water fountains (garden type not drinking type) and a lovely vet tech who adores Scully)

I would always take them somewhere where both of you feel happy with
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Yea, her reaction to vets was always "Oh, this is sort of unpleasant, a little scary. Mommie can I get back in my carrier?" She never hissed or bit or anything, not even a peep.

The last vet (who I refused to get shots from at all after he recommended the FeLV shot for an INDOOR cat!) she literally flipped out. I have never seen her act like that, for any reason. It was like "IHATEYOUGETOFFME!"

But I figure if I thought it smelled like cat pee, I can't imagine what it did to her

Hopefully all will be well at the new vet, I think it will, it reminds me a lot of the emergency vet in Kent who was so great!
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