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Kitty frenzy!

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Raise your hand if you want MORE kittttties!

Okay here they come

Okay no more, you lot are dribbling all over your keyboards LOL!
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OMG OMG!!!! THat little grey kitty is soooooo cute!!! HE looks like a little bowling ball with legs!!! I WANT HIM!!!
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Poor little cute fluffy babykins. Bowling ball indeed!

BuNN - you just can't have enough cute fluffy stuff in your life. Oh, and cats too!!
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Awwwwww. . . I'll take an orange one, please.
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I want one, any of them will do.
post #6 of 23 cute! I'll take the little furbaby in the basket.
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I love that fat gray one! I want it!
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I want the kitty in the hammock!! MINE MINE ALL MINE
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NO NO NO, more kitties invading, dive for cover and prepare your petting hands!

j00 talking to me?

ARGH not bath time!

I just broke wind, sorry!

Happy Pussmas!

You rang?
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I love that kitty thats smiling, its so adorable! I want it!
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awwwwwwwwwwww I love them all. It's really been a good day with lots of kitty pics. Keep them coming. I like the one with the wool the best.
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How CUTE!!!!! I like the bowling ball one the best, too!!!
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I sent the bowling ball kitty to my sister, and she fell in love with it that she set it as her wallpaper, and I thought it was a good idea and so I did it too LOL. I was surprised because my sister doesnt like cats that much!
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They are all so awsome......

Thank You~

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Ta, but I aint finished yet More kitties to come
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I'm getting that sinking feeling.

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Does that last kitty think he is a dog by licking out of the loo bowl?
Where do you find all those neat pictures? I love 'em! Keep them coming!
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Hey BuNN!!!!!! Are you trying to take over my position as picture poster here??? hah? well are ya? hah??? *humph*
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BuNN, How did you know we were drooling?? Well, the black one's mine, and that's final! Bring him over. Oh, I'll take one or two others too!
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Is Suki feeling left out? You have posted all these awsome kitties and removed her picture with a fat little round guy in a car.
So on behalf of Suki, we demand pictures of her and her only! To balance out all the other pictures you have posted in the last 72 hours!

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Hehe, I would but my digital camera is out on loan (my uncle wants to use it) so Suki will have to wait her turn. I do intend to do some though, I want a good one of her to frame
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Those babies are so cute!! Jeanie, I'll fight ya for the black kitties!!

That one of the kitty in the potty reminds me of Ophelia when she was little. So imagine a maybe 5 month old little kitty (she's still little!), positioned like that with her little butt wiggling because she has to keep repositioning her little paws so she doesn't fall in! Too much temptation for a naughty kitty brother - he ran in, jumped up and smacked that wiggling butt. SPLOOSH! Ophelia was not happy, but Trent and I were laughing so hard.
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:laughing2 :laughing2 You're on, Heidi! Good story. When Trent laughs, does he just smirk or laugh out loud? Hmmmmm.....
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