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Cats = Force of nature

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Nikita has been very needy from a "I must play lots and lots" for the past 2-3 days. I mean she's always been active but she's just bursting at the seams now. It's the first time since I got her that I'm feeling a bit like my apartment isn't big enough for her (I live in a one bedroom apartment with a large living room and seperate large kitchen)

Anyway I've rotated the paper boxes around (I have a bunch spare so that I can get "new" ones out every now and then) and I'm just playing with her until she gets tired. I would take her outside on her leash but it's raining very heavily which she doesn't like.

Anyway photos from yesterdays and todays playing session. Not putting these in the "Nikita photos" thread 'cos they're not arty enough










..and now that I'm done posting this I'm back to playing with her some more.
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Awww! They still capture just how beautiful and full of energy Nikita is
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omg im in love, she has such beautiful markings.
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look at that gorgeous belly she does have some purty coat there...
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WOW Nikita is gorgeous...
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OMG, she is breathtaking
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What a fantastically beautiful cat!!

I want one!!!
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heeh maybe the kitty should get a job with the NBA
good shots
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Look at all those spots SOO GORGEOUS

Those are great action shots
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I just levitating cat photos! Have fun playing...
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Lovely pics, she looks like she's having a great time!
Her markings are amazing
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