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Surgery Comfort

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Not sure where else this might go!

Willow (a little over five months old) is currently at the vet's having her spay surgery done today. I was talking to my mom about it over email the other day, and she told me that when my dog was having her surgery done, she cried all day because she was so worried. I thought I might be able to handle it, but right now I'm at work waiting for a phone call from the vet telling me everything went well, and I'm just running through all the things that could go wrong. Mostly just scared she'll stop breathing or something. What are the chances of that?

They said she'll probably be having the surgery around 9:00 this morning, and it's now 11:00. How long does it take? Maybe they have to watch her for a bit after it's done before they can call me?

Am I just totally over-reacting here? @_@

Oh, last time I posted, I promised I'd post pictures, but I never did, so here are some:

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She is lovely and i'm sure she will be fine.
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She is gorgeous.
Rather than be concerned that they haven't called about her yet, figure that she is okay. If there were any problems, they definitely would have been calling you already.
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