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Screaming Cats

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Two of my cats (brothers) have gotten very vocal over the last month. They are about 10 years old, neutered and indoor cats. I got them as rescues about 11 months ago and they are great cats.

The one male, Hooch, is in LOVE with food. We feed twice a day, 7am and 7pm. About 4am - 5am he'll jump on the bed and start screaming in your ear. As soon as you move, he jumps off and run to the closet (where the food is) He'll do this till you feed him. When I get home at 5:15pm he'll follow me around screaming until he gets his food. I know what the problem is with him, but I can't fix it. We've been locking I'm out at night but he scratches the door and screams all night so that is not an option.

My other male, Oogie, is the weird one. He is an awesome cat, but he has to do everything on his terms. He has started to walk around the house opening all the cabinets/drawers and screaming his head off. He'll jump on everything he can, scream, and get down. It's like he is looking for something, but can't find it. Our house is a pretty good size and we can hear him meow from across the entire house with the doors closed.

We got a dog about 3.5 months and they have been fine other than hissing and growling at first. We thought it may have been something with the dog, but why would it take 2.5 months for them to react.

They have both been to the vet within the last month and are both in good health. Hooch could lose a couple pounds, but nothing major. They are using the boxes and eating just fine. Any ideas what could be causing this, and what to do. I'd love to get a good nights sleep!

Thanks in advance!
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They may be reacting to females outside. Tis the season when the females and males are spraying their desires on trees, bushes, shrubs, and walls. Even though they aren't intact, they still have instinct. Mating happens usually late at night or early in the morning before the world is awake.

I would invest in several Comfort Zone Room Diffusers and plug them in. They are made by Farnum Pet. I would feed three times a day, not twice. Small amounts. Instead of feeding them right when you wake up. Feed them right before you walk out of the house for work. If you can't be home for a noon feeding, invest in an automatic feeder they are worth their weight in gold.

I would also put up some cat condos in the home so the cats can climb and exercise there.

Good luck
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Thanks for the reply. I wanted to do the auto feeder but the dog would get at it. I can't put it up high since the one cat has hip problems and can't really jump.
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