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Milo - Day 5 on Prozac

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WOW - what a total difference. We gave Milo his first 1cc of Prozac (fluesitoid or whatever it was called) and there was immediate results . . . too much in fact.

Milo as staggering around cross eyed and VERY mellow! He was even to blitzed to purr when he loved doing.

After the second day of this (and our first full nights sleep in over 2 years from howling) we decided to cut his prescription in half.

This is much better and we can tell he is more relaxed. Instead of 18 hours of anxiety like pacing and howling out windows he is now acting like a normal cat. sleeping, eating , playing and sleeping some more.

He is no longer CONSTANTLY talking (I mean CONSTANTLY, not random meows). He seems more at peace with the world, no more spraying, no more pacing more sleeping at night.

I'm not one for drugging animals unless it is the last resort and trust me - we were close to the final solution (not that it would have ever come to that).

Milo is an awesome, loving, very smart cat that seemed to have OCD adn this has worked.

What I wonder is that if we can break the habit's can we get him off Prozac in the future??

Photo - nothing better then the glorious, magic heat vent which magically has COLD air on hot summer days - truly magic!

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I'm so glad it helped him. I would leave him on it for a while, then maybe you can wean him off the prozac. Our Peaches is now off prozac. The only problem is that she eats cardboard constantly.
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