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Big Cats & Little Cats

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My big boy (neutered) cats seem to have really taken to the new kittens in the house!

Here is Michoud playing with one of the kittens, Lisa

And here is Fluffy sleeping with Mumble. Fluffy really acts like these are his kittens.
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Aww, those are absolutely PRECIOUS pics! And Fluffy is gorgeous - boy, what a looker...
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Wow! What beautiful big boys you have and the kittens are prety darn cute, as well! Hugs, hugs, hugs!
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Fluffy hugging the kitten is just TOO sweet!

Great pictures
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Just one more of the other kittens. This is Leese, Bibble & Baby (in front)

Alright, I can't resist adding this one! This is Mumble.
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they are sooooooooo cute...
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Aww, how adorable! Those pictures are sooo sweet!

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They are so cute and tiny!
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Aww Thats so great that your big boys get on with the little one!
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That is just TOOO CUTE, such cuties
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Awwwww look at them all! That one of Mumble looks like he's waving at us
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Originally Posted by TiffanyL View Post

Oh my that it too cute. Hi Mumble
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It's lovely to see them bonding so well! Mumbles pic is precious!
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