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Our Daily Thread for May 1st

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Happy May day everyone. I remember when I was a kid and I used to pick flowers and leave them on my neighbors door step and knock than run. How fun to be a kid. I was driving to work today and there were a ton of school busses on the freeway. The kids in the back of the busses were waving to the cars, I waved and they all started giggling, I remember doing that when I was a kid!

Hope everyone has a terrific day
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Swalker; Thank you for reminding me of May Day. No body seems to do the flowers or cards or anything anymore. Like you, when I was a kid, I loved May Day. My Mom always made us little paper baskets with treats in them to hang on doorknobs. So far today I have been playing with a new thing I discovered I could do on my webtv. It is MSN instant messenger. It is so-o-o-o-o cool and beats the heck out of regular mail or long distance phone calls. No wonder the phone companies are trying to control the internet access market becaquse phones are becoming obsolette. . . . . Have a great May Day everyone and I hope May is a great month for cat lovers everywhere!
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this day is almost over ! Yippee!!! :pinky:
it was a rough one for me. Office politics and all that garbage. wouldn't the world be great if you could just work your hardest and that were enough?

oh well, so is life.

have a great remainder of the day everyone :flash:
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Holey cow..I never knew there was really such a thing as May day and leaving flowers and such. I guess it is either my age or that I gre up in CA.
I am very happy this evening because I am not running around doing 20 things. I get to relax and enjoy this warm spring evening. All my windows are open and it is 7pm. Other than being very busy at work because I was out Monday, this week has been good!!! Even my "borrowed" stud male cat for my Purrty Girl is sweet as punch and NOT stinky in the least
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Yawn! It's bedtime, and I just now got a chance to check in. Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow.
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"Tra la, it's May, the lusty month of May..." Can you tell that I was in the play, "Camelot" in high school? May Day always reminds me of my old friends and theatrical goals. I am very grateful that I did not choose such an unrewarding path.

This last month has been tough, but this past week was particularly difficult. Last week, right before a majorly important seminar, the Army issued an order that indicated that my husband may have to go to war soon. His platoon sergeant barely allowed him to leave for the weekend, and we were worried to death. On Monday, he found out that it was a joke! Funny. hah hah

Sometimes I would like to hold court marshalls for my husband's commanding officers. AAAUUUGH!

Everything will get better from now on, right?????
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