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7 wk old pics

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Here are some new pics of Butterball's babies.

This is Lisa, Bibble & Baby

This is Lisa playing with Michoud

This is Fluffy who has seemed to have picked his favorite of the bunch (Mumble)

This is Bibble & Lisa

All 4

This is Mumble practicing for when my friend comes over in a few weeks to pick out which kitty she wants (out of Mumble & Bibble), Mumble is saying "Pick me, pick me!"
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those babies are soooooooo beautiful, they look full of mischief !
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Beautiful!! I love them!!!
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They are so beautiful! They remind me of Persi so much because he was exactly seven weeks old when I brought him home. Seven week old cats are adorable but yours are especially adorable.
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What little sweeties! What a fun home you must have right now.
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OMG...they are soooooo beautiful. And they give you the cutest little looks...
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they are all beautiful , but Bibble has still stolen my heart. bless them.
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Aw, those are adorable babies. They're nice and stout!
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Oh I love Mumble...pick me, pick me...I would!
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they are all so cute, but i like baby best
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