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Hurt leg

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Hi. I am a long time lurker here. I hope I am putting this in the right place. My cat, Salem is a seven year old, overweight Russian Blue that two nights ago hurt his back right leg. This is the leg that had been previously ripped (it didn't hurt the bone, just flesh and muscle). He has never had a problem with the leg before, except for some minor twitching when he got excited or he just woke up. Two nights ago, I was letting my dad in the door and letting Salem look out, since he has been an inside cat since the above accident, when my neighbors' dog, who nobody had seen, rammed into the door, almost shattering the glass. Of course Salem freaked and took off.

After this, my dad mentioned that Salem was limping, so I checked it out. One of his claws had been broken, so we clipped right above the broken nail and hoped that was the only thing wrong, though I wanted to take him to the Emergency vet, my parents said to wait and see if he gets better.

It is starting to worry me greatly. I just checked the litter box and I could tell he had not used it in over 16 hours, maybe that is just me being me and worrying about him but I wonder if he can use the box. He is still limping and is meowing in pain every time he lays down on that leg. I am ready to just take him by myself to the vet. Does anyone know any tips to help Salem or anything? Maybe how long it takes a cat's leg to heal after breaking a nail? I am starting to go crazy because Salem is my best friend and I hate seeing him in pain.
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If he is in pain, take him to the vet!
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