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Bruce & Sheila at 4.5 months

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Here are a couple each of Bruce and Sheila, our Maine Coon kittens. They're growing up fast! It's fascinating to see how different they are becoming in looks.

Bruce (red/silver tabby) is growing into a big boy, but his coat is very neat and tidy. Tiny lynx tips, no discernable 'ruff' and quite a thin tail (though it is very long!):

Attachment 12241

Sheila (silver tortie tabby) is much more rugged in appearance. She has fantastic lynx tips, ruff and bushy tail, and a much longer coat:

Attachment 12240

They are fantastic cats, really personable and brilliant fun.
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No cuteness warning!! :faints:
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OMG!!!!! They are so adorable... I want them! You wouldn't mind shipping Sheila off to me, would you?
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Bruce and Sheila are too cute for words! Be still my heart, I feel faint, too!
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EXTREME CAUTION should be used while viewing THAT much CUTEness!! Just adorable!
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Shelia is so "intriguing" in looks! Poor Bruce....he ended up being the Cute Ugly Duckling!

If you ever need a cat sitter, I volunteer!!
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O my, They are soo GORGEOUS, and I am just in complete with Shelia but they are both suc cuties
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I know I said this in another thread, but they are beautiful I have such a weakness for the maine coon

Please keep sharing pictures as they grow!!
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Awwwwwwwwww... what cute babies...
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B&S - where are you from? I noticed you referred to Bruce as as red-silver. That's called CAMEO in the US

Are they pet maine coons or show ones - they look quality enough to be show
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Thanks for all your lovely comments - Bruce and Sheila are both very touched that you think they are so beautiful! To answer a couple of questions:

I am from the UK where Bruce's colour is called red/silver - I do think that the US word cameo is a lovely name for the colour though!

They are purebred Maine Coons from a reputable breeder in the UK, with several champions in their pedigree (although not their actual parents). The registration certificate states that they are not to be bred from, but the contract with the breeder doesn't mention showing - so we assume we could show them if we wanted to (we would contact the breeder first, of course, out of courtesy).

I am not sure whether they are show quality or not. We chose them at six weeks old, and from a litter of seven, only one had been reserved by the breeder as a potential show/stud boy. When we went to collect them from the breeder at 13 weeks, her husband mentioned that Bruce has an excellent head, particularly muzzle (sorry the pic of him didn't show his face - I will post another one soon!). So I think the breeders were pleased with how he, in particular, had progressed.

It would be lovely if they grew to be fine examples of their breed, but unless lots of experts saw their pictures and said it would be a loss to the breed not to show them(!), we will just enjoy them as pets.

Sorry this turned out so long! I will post more pics soon, when I have worked out how to reduce the file size on the photos!
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