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Barney in more strife!

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Well, we got over the snake bite and Barney was just finishing up his drugs when he got in a fight and was severely bitten about the tail, right at the base. I didn't know that anything had happened until he went off his food. This guy has 4 meals a day so when he doesn't eat anything, we have a problem! Down to the vet, once again, more drugs and anti-inflamatories (sp?) Problem was it had happened at least one and maybe two days before I realized anything was wrong so an abscess could have started. In that case, he may have lost his tail and in the worst case, could have had other problems.

However, after seven days, Barnes seems to be fighting fit, no abscesses, back to four meals a day and generally life goes on! Vet nurse said he was an ideal candidate for pet insurance but I personally think there isn't an insurance company in the land who would touch me (or Barnes!)

Diann in Australia
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Aw I'm glad your cats better, it's so worrying when the one you love becomes ill. It's wise to get pet insurance, we did and it was worth the money and the effort.
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Aww Poor Barney!! But I'm glad to hear he's all better now
We had a similar thing happen to Bod a while ago, I noticed he was getting really grouchy and grumpy and would growl at me when I stroked him!!! I couldn't believe it because Bod always LOVES his fuss, especially from his Mum... anyway, eventually I noticed it was due to wear I was touching him on his back, I parted the fur and something burst!! I saw there was a biiig lump there that I hadn't seen before cos it was covered by fur... we took him to the vet and he had to have it drained, so when we got him home he had a big shaved spot on his back, an abcess and two other big holes either side where they had drained it... ewww.... it healed up pretty quick though, and everything was back to normal within a week or so..
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I'm glad to hear Barney is doing better now!
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Aw, I'm glad to hear Barney's going to be fine - and keep his tail! You've got to tell that boy to stop messing around so much! (Although they're just like teens, aren't they.... or two-year olds. One or the other. LOL!)
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Poor little Barney! He's lucky he has you to look after him!
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