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pacing and non stop talking!

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We have 2 cats. We took both of them off the street (actually they adopted us by taking up residence on our back deck and worming their way into the house). The male came first about 3 years ago. the female, Coral, we just adopted 2 months ago. Both are fixed.
Cinder barely tolerates Coral. Mostly he hisses, arches his back, and every now and then he cuffs her. I hope this stops eventually.

Coral, on the other hand, while she is an absolute love of a cat, does not stop talking. We get a whole range of purrs, grrlllllssss,(almost sounds like gargling), pitiful mewls, whines, grunts, I could go on and on. The only time she's quiet is when she's asleep, and she doesn't sleep through the night. Which means none of us are either!
If I let her out, she wants to come back in, and vice versa. She paces non-stop when she's inside, even if I play with or pet her. she just doesn't seem content.

Cinder, the male, eats, hunts and sleeps. That's his whole day and sometimes night too, now that the weather is good.

Any ideas?
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Welcome to TCS!!

You might just have a very vocal kitty. You might consider trying a Feliway diffuser, just to see if it helps any.
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i suggest a cat door, maybe shes feeling weird about being inside all the time, but when out side know she wants to be inside with you. a cat door might limit that feeling by giving her the choice to come in and out as she please and not feeling trapped. There are cat doors that you can get to go in a sliding glass door, its a piece of plastic with a door at the bottom, it slips in between the door and the wall. They come out very Very easy, no screwing them in or anything, so you could close it up whenever you wanted to.
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Welcome to the forum.

We have/had the same problem with Milo. For TWO years we did not get a full night of sleep. Living in a we were afraid to let him out.

as luck would have it we are moving (in 3 days) to the country where he will become and outdoor/indoor cat - HOWEVER - we were at wits end - to a point of giving him to the Humane Society but they are putting cats down because of college students and kittens.

I have a Milo post coming up soon that might interest you.
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thanks to all who responded!
It's nice to know I'm not the only one with a chatterbox.
Today I tried keeping the kitchen and deck storm doors open a crack so Coral could come and go at will.
It worked really well! She didn't make a sound all afternoon, except for some normal meowing, and went in and out frequently. I didn't want to think of all the bugs and mosquitos I was letting in, but now I think I really need to get a cat-door.
I hope I don't have to go 2 years without a full night's sleep!
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