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Bad kitty mom this Thanksgiving.

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I feel so horrible.

My husband and I went to see our families today and we were gone all day. Before I left I was yelling for Kiki and Tigris (the new kitty) because I always have to tell them goodbye. I found Tigris but I couldn't find Kiki. I assumed that she was downstairs looking out the window. That is what she is usually doing when she ignores me. So I left not thinking anything about it.

We got home late this evening and Kiki was no where to be found. Of course, I went into tears. I started looking everywhere. I found her in my husbands closet. He had shut her in there before we left, not knowing. I went off. Anytime I am in a closet I usually leave the door cracked just in case Kiki is in there. She loves to go and snuggle up in them. I have never felt so bad. Poor little Kiki had to spend the day locked up. She didn't even meow while she was in there.

After I got settled down I had to give her a special treat. She usually hates any kind of table food. I gave her a little bit of turkey because I felt so bad. Of course, she had to milk it for all she could!

I don't think my husband will ever shut a closet door all the way again.
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Aww Nikki, don't be too hard on yourself or hubby.... I'm sure Kiki wasn't that bothered really, probably grateful for the peace and quiet!! I bet she snuggled up all cosy and warm and relaxed all day... snoozing peacefully, and she even got a treat out of it!
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I bet your cat had such peace and quiet, so don't feel so upset about it.

I once locked Suki in the dressing cupboard and didn't know she was there until hours later when she howled. She climbed out and ignored me, lol.
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I also shut one of ours in our bedroom all day once when it was a kitten, I opened the bedroom door and she ran out, but what a stink!!! I searched everywhere for the "do" and couldn't find it anywhere, I checked on the floor, in the wardrobes, under the bed.... then I stood up, and saw it.... a nice big pile of "doo" in the middle of the bed covers....
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You're lucky she didn't try and cover it up with one of your other clean blankets :P
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