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Wet food rotation

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What's your rotation? I'd just like to get a sense of how many different brands/flavors everyone is giving their kitties.

Right now our kitties get (in order of the amount they get it... or enjoy it for that matter):

Wellness (chicken)
Wellness (turkey)
Innova (cat + kitten)
Eagle Pack Holistic (turkey + barley)
Merrick (grammy's pot pie)
Eagle Pack Holistic (chicken + lamb)

We've also tried and had limited success with Felidae (chicken + rice), Merrick (cowboy cookout), Nutrience (chicken), and Nature's Variety Prairie (chicken + turkey).
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Umm mine is now ... No one is currently a canned eater ... but Kandie ate all the wellness flavors , eagle packs blue and pink label , felidea and evangers at the end
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mine like:
fancy feast- chicken & liver, salmon, cod sole & shrimp, salmon & shrimp, ocean whitefish, turkey & giblets, flaked chicken & tuna
fancy feast elegant medleys- florentines and souffles
friskies-prime filets, shredded, poultry platter
meow mix pouches
pro plan selects- salmon, yellowfin tuna
pro plan- ground flavors- usually chicken

those are the ones they consistently like. most everything they are pretty finicky about (will eat one can, but never again). i have so much premium food going to the shelter this nature, NB, wellness, petguard, merrick...the list goes on.
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Mine strongly prefer the Wellness grain free flavors (chick, turk, beef+chick, beef+salmon, turk+salmon, and chick+herring) that's what they get the most of. They seem to like all of them fussiness when I serve those.

Innova EVO

Merricks - all the flavors go over equally well...except Leopold doesn't care for Cowboy Cookout or Surf and Turf.

I have one that doesn't like Wellness - she eats NB Venison/Pea cans, and seems to like Pet Promise Salmon, and PP Chicken. Precious is kind of hard to please.

Others that I can sneak in on a limited basis are Innova, Eagle Pack duck/oatmeal or chicken/lamb, Nature's Variety chicken/turk or beef, Newman's Own, and Felidae. Leopold likes the EP Turkey and Barley but the others don't believe it's edible. I think there are others but that's all I recall. I have a can of Pet Guard but we haven't tried it.
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In order of faves:

Eagle Pack Salmon and Shrimp
Eagle Pack Chicken and Lamb
Eagle Pack Turkey and Barley

One can lasts 2 days so its 2 days one flavor then switch to the next and so on. I plan to add some Evo canned and one other brand (unsure which one) in the near future.
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Mine get (in no special order):

Wellness (Chicken)
Wellness (Turkey)
Wellness (Chicken & Beef)
Innova EVO
Innova (Cat & Kitten)
California Natural (Chicken & Rice)

In addition they each get 1/8 cup of Nature's Variety Raw Instinct and usually only eat half of that.
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I'm currently feeding them:

Wellness- turkey
Wellness- chicken
Wellness- beef and chicken
Natural Balance- Venison and Pean
Natural Balance- Chicken and Liver

I tried the Eagle Pack chicken and lamb. Five of them were willing to eat it. They don't like the texture of Natures Variety. They used to like Merrick and EVO but rejected both after a few weeks of including those in the rotation.
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Mine are getting:

Evangers Holistic Pheasant Dinner
Evangers Organic Braised Chicken
Evagners Organic Turkey and Butternut Squash
Evangers Seafood and Caviar (a particular favorite)
Evangers Seafood
Natural Balance Salmon
Natural Balance Chicken and Liver
Natural Balance Turkey and Giblets
Natural Balance Indoor
Meow Mix Filet Meow
Meow Mix Upstream Dream
Meow Mix Hook, Line, and Sinker
Meow Mix What's the Catch

Some of these I'm just trying out, so long term rotation remains to be seen.

Dry, they're getting a mixture of California Natural Chicken & Rice and Orijen. Treats are Purrfectly Natural from HealthyPetNet, Nutro Complete Care, and (against my better judgment) an occasional Whiskas Temptations Creamy Dairy Flavors.
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The canned food now is several varieties of Friskies. Mainly the beef, a few chicken. But I've been reading lables and any of them that mentioned the wheat gluten as an ingredient, I will not use.

So they've been getting a lot of boiled chicken breast when we want to give them chicken.
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Foster and Smith chicken
Foster and Smith Turkey
Foster and Smith Chicken and Fish

Wellness Chicken and Lobster
Wellness Chicken(occasionally rejected)
Wellness Turkey(occasionally rejected)

Iams chicken
PetGold Tuna and Crab sirimi
PetGold Tuna and Shrimp

Merrick Turducken(occasionally rejected)

Foster and Smith, Wellness Chicken and Lobster, Iams Chicken and the PetGold tuna cans are the biggest hits with my cats. My cats like Purina Pro-plan Chicken and Liver but I've stopped feeding it because if I introduce that again they might not eat the premium foods listed above.
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Hmmm....I feed a lot of "junk" so Twitch will eat wet.

Twitch & Lily
Pro Plan Salmon & Rice
Fancy Feast chickn
FF turkey
3 flavors of Friskies
Merrick(every flavor)
Natural Balance(3 flavors)
by Nature pouches
Meow Mix cups

Damita only gets:
Pro Pac beef
FF Beef(two differrent "styles")
Eagle Pack Anchovies, Sardines & something else

Ophelia, Dory, & Molly get:
Pro Plan Urinary
Iams Chicken
Iams Beef
Merrick Cowboy Cookout
And two others I cannot remember

I alternate, like Twitch & Lily, junk for breakfast, high quality for supper.
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mine used to be Nutro California chicken supreme and any of the other cuts/gravy that were poultry based.

Post Recall Lineup:
After the recall I took back all my nutro to petsmart and exchanged it for Blue Spa, only to find out it was recalled for rice gluten.
Then I went to my hardcore health food store and bought a selection of stuff.
I found out Wellness was by Menu and Petguard was not disclosing who made their stuff.

So now, in this "Post Recall World"

Eagle Pack Lamb/Rice and Shrimp
Evangers Braised Chicken (she loves this)
Merick Thanksgiving (she ate it, but not enthusiastically)
Merick Southern Delight (she flat out rejected this, first time in her life)

This is all very post recall. I am very excited about Evangers. The only problem is my local shop doesnt stock, but can order. Didnt ask if they could send singles. I am a little worried after my cat regected the Merick southern delight.
she's a bengal and has an insatiable appetite. She can eat 3.5 ounces of wet without barely breathing. I once gave her a second 3.5 ounce pouch (nutro) at the time and she ate that too.

I really wish one of these good companies could make a cuts/gravy style similar to nutros, but that is obviously impossible without glutens.
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Mine currently eat Felidae chicken & rice with Meow Mix Market Select as a topper. I alternate that with Wellness and Merrick.
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Wellness (Chicken)
Innova (Cat & Kitten)
California Natural (Chicken & Rice)
Meow Mix (Beef)

And occasionally Sheba (any flavor) or Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys (Chicken or Turkey) or Solid Gold (Blended Tuna)
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Merrick Flavors:
Ocean Breeze (absolute favorite!)
New England Boil
Surf and Turf
Cowboy Cookout
Grammies Pot Pie

Turkey and Salmon
Chicken and Herring

I try to stick to the grain free's but an occasional can slip's in there.
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My cats get kibble for breakfast, and wet/raw food for supper.
they go absolutely insane for the raw diet--> proof here

Nature's Variety Raw - Lamb
Nature's Variety Raw - Venison
Nature's Variety Raw - Rabbit
Merrick - Turducken
Merrick - (various seafood flavors)
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Arthur eats only PetGuard Chicken and Wheat Germ
Paisley eats only PetGuard Venison and Rice
They have tummy problems and are fine with these foods; I'm scared to change them.

Peaches and Josie eat a fish flavor in the morning -- Wellness Herring and Chicken or Turkey and Salmon; Merrick Ocean Fish or Natural Balance Salmon. I have to mash the Merrick foods because no one likes big chunks. They eat meat for dinner -- Wellness Turkey or Chicken and Beef; Merrick Turducken, Granny's Pot Pie and another one and Natural Balance Chicken and Liver.

They get Cowboy Cookout occasionally, but sometimes don't want it. My Rainbow Angel boy Divot used to adore Cowboy Cookout.

We don't feed anyone dry food.
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Allen, Rachel and Meghan are fed the following wet foods (one can in the am, one in the pm, in the order listed):

Solid Gold, Gourmet (not the tuna blend)
Natures Variety, Beef
Natural Balance, Venison & Green Pea
Wellness, Beef & Chicken
Natures Variety, Duck
Natural Balance, Indoor
Merrick, Turducken
Natures Variety, Lamb
Natural Balance, Ultra
Wellness, Turkey
Natures Variety, Chicken & Turkey
Merrick, Cowboy Cookout
Natures Variety, Venison
Natural Balance, Turkey & Giblets
Wellness, Chicken
Merrick, Thanksgiving Day Dinner
Natures Variety, Rabbit
Natural Balance, Chicken & Liver
Evanger's, Turkey & Butternut Sq.

It seems like the more flavors I add to the rotation, the happier everyone becomes. Every scrap of wet and dry food is eaten, where once there used to be some wet food left behind.

Just before bed, I feed them one cup of a 50/50 blend of Innova Evo and Natures Variety Raw Instinct dry kibbles.

Everyone is looking healthier than ever, with the softest fur I've ever felt on a cat.
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