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non talking cat?????

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Ok, this is for a friends cat who doesn't live anywhere near me (we are about 5000 miles apart!). They have a cat who can't meow. She makes the open mouth like she is trying to meow, but never actually meows. If she does happen to meow, it's just the first part of it like an "ow" sound and very short. Any ideas as to why this might be? I don't know if she is spayed, or anything, just a question I thought might be answered on here.
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It can happen. I have had several cats that never did meow. Some that tried to and couldn't. I never really worried about it. I have one right now that I wish couldn't meow! He talks constantly!
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My sister has 2 Himalayan brothers and 1 meows really really loud and the other one does just like you described and opens his mouth and barely a sound comes out of him. The really funny thing is the loud cat is the smaller of the 2 and the quiet guy is the big one! Another thing that is funny is the quiet guy has the biggest purr!

My 2 kitties are both pretty quiet and barely meow at all. Only if they're really really hungry and I'm fixing their canned food for them. Otherwise they pretty much make little "mmm" sounds from their throat when they're talking to me, and if I try to get a conversation going then they'll finally make more of a meow. I kind of like kitties that are more quiet compared to my Siamese I used to have that were overly vocal!
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Same going on in this household. I have one who meows day and night. My other can barely get out a squeak. There is an outdoor cat in the neighborhood who comes into my yard, and sometimes he and Joey get into a shouting match through the window. There's Joseph all puffed up, trying to be tough and yowl at the intruder, but even at top effort and volume, it's only a squeak. He couldn't intimidate a living creature. I have been told that he looks like he has some Siamese in him, but he sure didn't inherit the vocal chords.
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Ok, I won't worry about it too much, and I'll tell my friends not to worry about it either. We just thought that all cats meowed, you know? Kind of like it's their way of defending themselves if they need to or letting other cats know if they're in the wrong territory. But I'll tell them about what was said on here, and go from there. Thanks again!
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Tell your friend not to worry. My Isis meows more like a whine. sort of like this:neeoooooooowwwwwwwwww. She is really quiet otherwise.
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