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Matted lumps in Fur?

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Hi Catlovers,

My little cat chequie developed a few closely placed matted lumps in her fur in the same area on her side a few months ago.

I cut the bigger ones off but new ones seem to be reappearing beside where the old ones were.

They seem to be composed of dandruffy stuff which sticks the fur together and the matting begins about a quarter of an inch above the scalp.

I dont think its a grooming issue, she is a shorthair and the problem is only in one area. I have been brushing to try to prevent it, but without success.

Could anyone explain what it might be and what I should do?

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Please take your cat to a vet, it sounds like a skin infection or something. Shorthaired cats shouldn't get mats at all, especially not that are stuck together by some sort of bodily fluid.

Good luck, let us know how it goes!
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How old is the cat??

What kind of food does that cat eat??

I second a vet check
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Hi sharky and Zissou'sMom,

It's not a bodily fluid of any kind, more like a sort of dandruff and it is above the scalp. The lumps are flat, possible licked into that shape, the affected area is localised to about one and a half square inch.

The cat is ten and she is in good health.

My other cat who is 11 sleeps with her and shares the same brush, he has longer hair as he likes to be outside more while she is a real homebird.

She eats the more expensive catfood and cat biscuits, looks at water like its dirt and only drinks milk, I give her a small bit of cheddar cheese before bedtime.
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At ten when was her last Senior blood work done??? dandruff is often a first sign of a older cat issue...
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Sorry, when you said it was dandruffy stuff that "sticks the fur together" it sounded like maybe some sort of ooze. Well, i'm glad it's not that at least.

Have you noticed her having trouble cleaning that one part of her body?

Did you cut the mats out completely, or just the bigger ones? A small mat can quickly become a large one, maybe try cutting everything that seems like even a tiny knot in that area out and see if there is still a problem.
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