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Quick Question.

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Lately my cat has been kind of pulling fur off her stomache and my auntie thought it was fleas but now its gettin to the point where she is pulling skin. I have no idea why she's doing that. My other cat ran away and now my brother moved in with his kitten so I'm wondering if it's stress or somethin but its scaring me I dont want my cat to hurt herself anymore If anyone has any idea or anything let me know please. I cant find any information on it
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Hi, I would take your kitty to the vet ASAP to get checked out. It definitely sounds like this could be stress related, but a visit to the vet is important to rule out anything else, like maybe some kind of skin disease or parasites?

Wish I could be of more help.
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Thanks for your help. I'll see whats goin on and I'll keep posted. then maybe if someone else's cat decides to start pulling thier hair.
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It could be an allergy that causes irritation to the skin. I forgot what it's called, but my Cairo had it. Different cats get the skin irritation in different places, but it shows up on back legs, stomach, swelling of the lower lip, and a couple other places. Some cats only get it in one spot and others get it in all spots. Most improve after a series of 2 steriod shots, but some have to get the shots monthly to keep it away.

If it is the allergy and in any case, it's very important to get the kitty to a vet because open wounds (which they eventually become) can lower the cats immune system and cause them to get other illness they might not have gotten if they were healthy to begin with.
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