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cat boxes

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How often should I be changing the sheets that the kittens are in. She gave birth on the carpet (seems like there should have been a mess, but there really wasn't...lucky us) about 6 days ago, and I put them in a box then, but I haven't changed the sheets in the box because Mushy doesn't like us messing with her kittens...she tries to move them back when she sees us doing anything with them.
Also, I have put an air conditioner in our room (where the kittens are). I just wonder if I should be leaving this on all of the time as the room gets quite hot when it's not on. The other day the kittens were panting and I'm guessing it was because of the heat. It stays at a reasonable temp...not too cold that we have to go under the blankets to sleep, but not too warm that it is uncomfortable sleeping....
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fluffy dosnt like me changing her bedding either so i only do this once a week unless its needed more. but with my other mums i changed the bedding every few days.
sorry i cant help with the other thing as my temp here has always been ok, but i would have though asl ong as it wasnt to hot or to cold it should be ok with what your doing.
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In this link there are guidelines for room temps for kittens.

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at the vets office we always change bedding everyday, at least the top sheet that gets dirty, we always have a few layers obviously, It shouldn't be to bad waiting a week as long as its not super wet or dirty.... *shrug*
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I change kitten bedding once a day, unless the Mom doesn't want that. I have one Mom that really doesn't want them changed more than once a week. That is fine, as long as they are not real dirty. If the Mom starts trying to move the kittens, it is a good idea to change the bedding. Sometimes, a fresh bed will prevent a Mom from moving the kittens from place to place all over the house.
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I changed their bedding today. I fed mom wet food and moved it away from where the babies were so she was preoccupied with that while I did it. She doesn't like me handling her babies. If I hold one, she tries to take it out of my hands and as soon as I put it back in the box, she cleans it. I did finally figure out how to tell the kittens apart, so that's a plus lol
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lol i know how hard it can be telling kittens apart , i have 3 all black males, but now there 2 weeks old , im starting to see the difference , enough to name them anyway lol
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heh yeah... I did name one of them but no one knows yet that I named her... all black one i am calling bagheera
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Yes, that is sometimes a problem. I have a litter of 6 kittens. 3 of them are the exact same solid chocolate color. Very difficult to tell them apart.
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