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Countertops, Potato Salad and Freeway

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This morning, it being a holiday and all, I was making one of my absolute favorite comfort foods, homemade potato salad. I'd already boiled and cubed the potatoes, added a half dozen sliced eggs, some sweet relish...and was mixing mayo, mustard, and sour cream in a bowl, and had it at this really nice golden color....and poured it right on Freeway's head, as he was now on the countertop and had his head in the salad bowl.

I always try to get a picture of Freeway being funny, but this time I was afraid that I'd mess around and get some of the stuff in his eyes, so I scooped him up, along with a kitchen towel, and to the sink we went.

He was none the worse for wear, but while I was cleaning him up I started laughing at the poor little guy. The dressing was clinging the full length of his whiskers, and the stuff was all piled on his head like a golden, goopy pompadour. But, he's all cleaned up now, and I even finished making the salad
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Poor baby - he just wanted to see what you were making him. I guess now you'll alwys look before you pour!
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Oh that is tooooo funny! Poor lil guy! LOL!!!!
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Guess you weren't working fast enough for him!! I hope he didn't wreck your potato salad entirely.
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OMG, Trout would lose it and run around the house like a banshee
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Just think how boring your life would be if you hadn't stopped for him!
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Cat fur is fiber remember that!

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Awww, there he was, just trying to help, and got a load of goop on his head for his pains. I bet he'll avoid bowls of potatoes for a while.
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What a rude awakening for the poor little guy! Glad everything turned out ok in the end.
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Awww... the joy of having a kitten in the house again. The boys are starting to slow down a bit, and I kind of miss moments like that.
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