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Miss Jazzy!

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Back in October when Zack and I were house hunting, we came across a beauty who was only 5 weeks old at the time! She came out from the bushes next to the model homes we were browsing through...and we felt so sorry for her, we took her home and gave her to my mom for her birthday. Here are some recent pics of Miss Jazzy....she is now 8 months old....

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She's lovely! Glad you found her a good home.
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Awe she is just so adorable
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She's a beauty...
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Originally Posted by caprice View Post
aww she is s sweetie - her collar tags match those flowers perfectly give her some tummy rubs from us
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Hola Jazzy, you´re so cute Señorita!
Welcome at TCS dear Kitty!
Candie,is absolutely adorable!!!
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