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Please Help!!!!!!!!!

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I don't know what's wrong with my kitty! Last night I noticed she was walking funny so I put her in the bathroom away from the other 2 cats and gave her a clean litterbox and food/water. I sat with her for about an hour to observe. I thought maybe something was wrong with her leg because she seemed to be favoring one over the other, but I felt both her legs twice over and she gave no reaction to pain. However, I did notice than she seems so be beding over a bit as if she has internal pain in her lower abdomin area. I also noticed this morning that she had blood in her pee! I did a "wipe test" and the tissue also had blood on it!

She went into heat a little less then a week ago and I think she's almost done. I really need to get her spayed, but it seems that whenever I finally have the money scrapped up something always happens(bills/rent/car problems/ etc...). So I have still not been able to get her fixed. But I need to ASAP becuase I just took in a little boy kitten(about 12 weeks old) and I don't want her to get pregnant again(long story). I know that I need to fix her first because the boy can still get her preggers up to a month after being fixed so I am saving up money right now to have to spayed.

Do you think the bleeding is because she is in heat? Are cats like dogs in that they bleed when the go into heat or no?

The only vet I know of that is open right now charges about $100 just to come in for an emergancy and I don't have that kind of money! I'm going to have to wait and take her tomorrow morning to a low cost clinic nearby. I only have about $90 that I have been saving from a business I do(make and sell ferret bedding on Ebay) and that money is supposed to be for buying more fabric for my business, but right now, screw the business cause my baby is sick!!!!!!!

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I forgot to mention that Bestia(my sick kitty) is an ex-feral, but she still hides all the time and is completely freaked out by strangers. If a stranger touches her she will just freeze and try and make herself into the smallest ball possible. I'm afraid this made cloud the vet's judgement becuase if she is in pain, she will not react and she will not cringe or anything because she's already cringing just from being touched by a strange person.

Oh, I'm so scared for my baby! What's wrong with here?!?!?!?!
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I just found theses syptoms for anemia, do you think maybe that's what it could be. She's REALLY skinny(because she's always hiding and doesn't eat til nighttime).

Generalized weakness *

Pale gums *

Increased respiratory rate *

Episodes of collapse *(last night she kinda fell over, I thought it was from the pain)

Evidence of blood loss

Blood in the urine or feces *

External blood loss

Decreased appetite *

Yellow discoloration of the skin

Abdominal distension

Vomiting *(she's always thrown up food since she was a kittne, I thought she had a sensitive stomach so I just always tried to change her food as little as possible)

Weight loss *

The syptoms with * next to them are ones she has.
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Blood in the pee is usually some type of urinary infection. Cats do not bleed when they are in heat, not enough that you would notice a significant amount. She definately needs to see a vet, but make sure she is drinking at least. Check her hydration by lifting the skin/fur on the back of her neck, if it pretty much goes back into place she is fine, if it stays tented up I wouldn't wait on taking her to the vet. Probably isn't this but when female cats aren't spayed and continuously go into heat, they can get an infected uterus. Which is a very serious thing. How old is she and is there any pus draining out of her vagina? Have you taken her temperature?

I also wanted to mention that there are low cost and free clinics all over the place to spay and neuter your cats. See if these are anywhere near you:
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I've been doing some studying and I'm pretty positive she's anemic(probably from not eatin enough), but I think that's just an underlying problem and that there's something more serious going on.

She has a slight discharge, but it's clear(besides the blood). I think the discharge is because she's in heat. Also, she's 2 years old, still young. I have not taken her temperature because I don't know what's wrong and don't want to cause her more pain than is needed. I just want to keep her as comfortable as possible til I can take her to the vet. However, her ears, paws, and even her breath, do seem a little chilly. But that may be becaus she's in the bathroom. I made her a little bed behind the toilet so she can hide and doesn't have to sleep on the cold tile. I would put her in my room, but she's scared of my hubby and it would stress her out.

Thank you for the link. I actually found a low-cost clinic nearby(the one I'm taking her to tomorrow) and I THINK they charge about $40 for a spay, I'm not positive, I need to call and find out. I was wanting to get her spayed this month because I'm making enough money with Ebay to be able to afford it now. Hoever, when I noticed she was in heat I wanted to wait til she was out of heat first since I've read it can cause complications.

She's SOOOO tiny, probably 3-4 lbs and since she's so skinny I'm really scared for her and didn't want there to be any unneccesary complications.

All the vets are closed today since it's a holiday so even if I DO find a vet open, there's no way in a million years that I could afford the bill. I was crying this morning because I'm so worried about her, but I cannot take her until tomorrow morning.

She's being such a good sport for me. Whenever I go into the bathroom I just brush her out and she'll purr and paw the air like nothing's wrong but I know she's in a ton of pain.
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Ask the clinic if they can do a blood panel I think it is called. Where they draw some blood and test it to make sure all her organs and everything in her body is functioning correctly. This can get quite expensive so I would ask at the clinic you found when you are there tomorrow. Good luck and please keep us updated!

P.S. If they don't charge more for it then I would just have her spayed when she is in heat. I have spayed many in heat and even pregnant cats and there have never been any problems. Even at the shelters I worked it, never once saw complications from it.
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I agree with Jen. The 2 most likely situations are a very bad urinary tract infection, or pyometra (an infection in the uterus). As I recall, pyometra often strikes right after a heat cycle. I don't want to scare you, but pyometra is a nasty, nasty thing...she needs treatment ASAP.
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I didn't think of Pyometra! You guys may be right! My mom's dog had pyometra and the sypmtoms seems very similar. She doesn't have any pus right now, but that may just mean that the infection isn't bad enough yet.

Oh my! My poor baby! Why did this have to happen on a holiday!?!?!?!
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I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty.
Are you sure she is peeing blood and it's not coming out of her vagina?
My roommate's cat had pyometra in March and it was pretty ugly. I didn't see pus, but I definitely saw blood and plenty of it. The good news is that if it IS pyometra and if she is bleeding she should be ok until tomorrow. When they stop bleeding, that means the infection is building up in the uterus and that is MUCH worse.
Is there someone who would loan you the money to take her in today?
Denebah's surgery at a fairly expensive vet cost $350 because they had to do an emergency spay. A regular spay would have cost $125. So that really sucked but you do what you have to for your babies.
I don't want to scare you, just give you my experience.
A UTI is possible too, especially if you KNOW that the blood is in the urine stream. This is also bad, and very painful, but once again, if she is still peeing, that means she's not blocked at least. Once they block, you have a very small window to get them into the vet, so make sure you continuously monitor her. Make sure she is eating and drinking and eliminating.
Even if you have to give her something like tuna to get her to eat and drink, do it.
These things do have a tendancy to happen on the weekends. I think it's just to make us more stressed.

Good luck & hugs!!!

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The blood is in her pee. The first thing I did this morning was chack her litterbox. There was one little ball of pee and it had a small amount of blood in it. However, when I did the "wipe" test there was blood on her vagina as well.

There's no one up here that can loan me the money. My mother lives in NC, my in-laws have less money then us, and I have no friends, lol.

The vet I'm taking Bestia to, I've taken my other animals there before too. They are really nice and I'm sure they will let me work some type of payment plan out. Either that or I can talke to my landlord and see if I can pay a partial rent and pay the rest later this month. Not sure if that will work out though, the landlord is money hungry and mean. >

Anyways....right now I am giving her regulat food, water, and wet food. She ate the wet food last night, eagerly, but through the night and up til right now she hasn't touched anything else. I have the food about 2 inches from her so she doesn't even have to get up. She hasn't pooped or peed since last night either.

ALSO, I found a poo in the other litterbox that had alittle bit of blood in it, but I'm not sure if it's hers. I don't really worry about that kinda stuff since it tends to happen every once in a while and so I didnt' think much of it then.

Ya'll don't think it has anything to do with the recall, do you? I'm feeding my cats Purina.(I'm going to try and switch to Felidae next week though, if I can afford it)
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Purina has no recalls (yet) except for Alpo, I believe. See if you can get her to eat some wet food. Put it on a spoon and see if she'll lick it. Try rubbing a little on her gums. Sometimes just the taste will get them eating. You really don't want her to get dehydrated, as that will just exacerbate the problem. She needs the energy to fight this infection and get better!
Poor kitty. She must be so upset. Hopefully she will continue to pee until you can get her into the vet. I understand all too well having a sick cat and not being able to get them taken care of because of money.

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Good new and bad news.

Good news: she's still peeing, a little, but it's still there. And she finally went poo.

Bad news: Here pee is still bloody and her poo is bloody too, not super bloody, but it's there. :'(

I picked her up to give her a "hug" and some support and she let out a meow of pain and I put her back down. My poor little baby.

Is there any household medicine or such that I can give her to ease her pain? I have IBuprofen and baby aspirin.
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Please DON'T give her aspirin or ibuprofen. Both are very toxic for kitties. I know you just want to help her, but those painkillers will make matters worse.

Praying she'll be okay until you can get her to a clinic for treatment...
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TortieBaby, this web page

has a list of organizations that can sometimes help with vet expenses.

But please get your kitty to a vet first, before contacting those sites. This sounds like an emergency.

Editing to add that although that page is on a site for handicapped pets, those organizations do not help ONLY handicapped pets; they help other pets, too, whose owners need the assistance.
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Thank you for warning me about the painkillers. I will deifnately look into those organizations. Thank you so much!
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She really needs antibiotics, unless it is pyometra. Oh about the pus, there is open and closed pyometra. Closed is where the pus stays in and and is worse, open is where the pus drains out.

No aspirin or ibubrofen! Especially Ibuprofen! You need amoxicillin or clavamox which come from a vet. But you really need to find out if it is pyometra first. Antibiotics won't help that, well, not effectively and you would just be prolonging it. If it is just a UTI, those would work fine. Honestly this sounds a lot more serious. First thing in the AM, can you get her to a vet?
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Well, I have already called and left a message on the clinic's machine, so now they know I'm coming. They open at 9, so I will probably be outside knocking on their door by 8:30, lol.

It's almost tomorrow, it's almost tomorrow, ......(I just have to keep telling myself and Bestia that).

I'm also taking into consideration that she may have fallen and hurt herself. although very unlikely, it IS possible.

I have ferrets and they have a really big cage(5 feet tall). Well, bestia likes to scale the side all the time. I'm thinking that maybe she scaled it and fell. That would explain why she's bleeding AND why she seems to be limping slightly.
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Well, I took her to the vet and he said there was no way to tell exactly what is wrong with her without doing a ton of tests. He gave me an estimate of $350 for all the tests.

Sooooo....for the moment he has given her a shot to ease the pain and reduce the swelling(her tummy is slightly swollen), he also gave her a shot of antibitoics and gave me metromidazale(I think that's what the bottle says,it's hard to read his handwriting) and amoxil to give to her. He said to give it to her for a week and see if it helps, if not, she's to come back, or if it gets worse, bring her back ASAP.

I sure hope it helps, cause I hate seeing her in pain knowing that there's nothing I can do. :'(

I'm going to try and come up with the money BEFORE next week so I go ahead and get the tests done for her, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to. Please pray that I can get the money I need for my kitty.

BTW, while we were at the vet waiting, she was limping around the room and then flopped on her side to lay day. While she was laying there her leg started having spasms! I started to freak out, but then it went back to normal. Poor Bestia :'( :'( :'(
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.. and well wishes
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You might try Care Credit to help with payment for the tests.

I really hate to think about your poor baby in pain, I hope you can get to the root of her problem and get her help.
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