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Suggestions please!

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I just had my female Calico Persian cat scanned for PKD. She has came back positive. She is just over a year old. I contacted the breeder I bought her from and she is willing to replace her. She also said I might try to get a negitive kitten from her first. I would love to have a kitten from her as she is just beautiful with tiny ears and beautiful markings. I don't think I could live with myself if I brought more kitties into this world with PKD. My hubby says we have too many kitties as it is, and I must find a home for her before I replace her. She has taken a long time to warm up to us as she is very shy. I'm afraid if she goes to another home they may not accept her shyness and send her to another home. I am including a baby photo of her.
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She loves her castle!
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I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. I know that if she were mine, I would spay her right away. You said it best in your post. It would be tragic to pass this on to more kittens. The other problem you might face is finding someone willing to take a cat who could have some serious problems later in life. If you are worried about her adjusting, I would talk to your husband about keeping her as a pet. One more never makes a difference
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I am so sorry, but it was best before you bred her. To have had her tested shows how much you care and a desire to improve her breed. Calicos are my very favorite. But to breed her may shorten her quality of life. How severe her PKDis, no one realy knows.
It has only been in the last year that we had had that option to have our cats tested. I had 2 that were positive. I had bred them without knowing, and I could kick myself.
She is a beauty,what about possibly contacting a local rescue group, or keep her for your own?
Please keep us posted.

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I think it is best to spay her and either keep her as a pet or pet her out. And just explain her shyness. All of my calicos are the same way very shy. Oh and dont take a replacement kitty from the same parents. There is a chance to be negative but its not worth the chance.
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I really have serious concerns about a breeder who would even think of telling you that you should breed her to try and get a negative kitten, when chances are good that you'll get a few posative ones as well.

To me, and this is my opinion only, it seems as if this breeder might be one who is not at all concerned about putting down kittens if they don't meet the standard. I just really don't have a good feeling about it..
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The vet told her that there was one cyst on one kidney and he couldn't say for sure that it was PKD. She had one litter and ALL the kittens came up positive. She spayed the Mom right after that. Kittens that don't meet standard are petted out. She has most of her retired kitties as she loves them too much to send them to new homes! It was just bad advice that resulted in a litter is kittens that turned up positive. She is really distressed about the babies.
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In my expierience, and mine alone. To know that a cat had any form of growth on a kidey would prevent me from breeding or anything. Kidney's are a vital organ and the stress of a pregnancy could make the situation worse for mom.
What I was taught with breeding, if in doubt. Don't breed! Your female, as well as your boy need to be in perfect health. To have a fighting chance for the best possible kittens.
Looking at genetics, health and pedegree, are some of the contributing factors for me to consider breeding with any baby of mine.
Yes the vet might have said, he could not come to a final conclusion as to what it was. But she had the final call.

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