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hehe i think she was feeling outnumbered.
well draw and quarter is a little to much, but hanging is just fine.
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See Bruce, i swear i was in another life such as medieval times to want to do that
I'm with you both. I've been told that if I'm crossed I have a mean streak. But I think even we agree that it must be proved beyond any doubt that the person is guilty. If there is no question whatsoever, then yes, I would say death penalty.

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What would be new in that?? That's one of the things I really do like so much about this site - and this sub-forum in particular - that people are encouraged to voice their opinions, whatever they may be, and that we can argue in a really civilised and adult way, and usually learn something we hadn't thought about before along the way, too. I know I've learned a lot from members here. A LOT.

And Susan, this has been the most incredibly embarrassing timing - I am SO going to give you that list. But now MIL is coming over with a curry. There's nothing I can do. I cannot resist a curry.
I'd be willing to back off a bit if you'd share the curry.