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wet or dry

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Ok, so who prefers to give their cat wet food and who likes to give them dry? I struggle with this all the time. I just found a wet food that my cat will actually eat, Natural Balance but not all the flavors only the pink can, weird cat. He will only eat the green pea and rabbit fomula dry food as well, but it's really dry so that's why I wanted him to have some wet food, he seems to enjoy eating the wet food and that makes me happy. But of course everyone says, that dry is better for their teeth. I'm just wondering what you all think.

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If you do a search on this forum you'll find mega-threads on this topic. You will find that the majority of us believe a wet food diet is healthier for your cat because of the moisture content and lack of fillers that exist in dry food.

Dry food does NOT clean teeth. The cat breaks the pieces with the tip of it's tooth and swallows. Cats do not chew food - their jaws do not go side-to-side, just up and down.

Think of yourself eating a dry cookie and then a pudding. Which one do you think is going to leave the most residue on your teeth and around your gums?
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Huh, that's cool. I never really thought about it. But, that's why I love this site, so informative. I'll do a search, thanks!
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There's no reason why you can't give your cat both wet and dry. My cats are grazers, so I feed wet 3x a day (small amounts, since they don't eat much at any feeding) and free feed dry at night.
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I feed a combo of wet and dry. Wet 2 times a day, dry in between.
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We took all our cats off dry food because of one cat's kidney problems. We food is much better for kidneys. Cats don't need the fillers and grain that is in most dry foods. We also feed very high quality food: Wellness, PetGuard and Natural Balance. Our cats love it. I feed them in the morning and in the evening; they don't free feed. This has kept their weights down to an optimum level and helped their general health.

Arthur gets PetGuard Chicken and Wheat Germ.
Paisley gets PetGuard Venison and Rice.
Peaches and Josie get Natural Balance and Wellness, different flavors. They are the healthiest. The other two had digestive problems and are doing excellently on the PetGuard food.

I have heard that it's a myth that dry is good for their teeth. Most feline dental problems, I've heard, are heritary.
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I agree that dry food is not effective for keeping the teeth clean. I'm not a dry food fan at all, for many of the reasons mentioned already. My cats eat wet food only (5 eat wet, 3 eat raw). I was motivated to eliminate dry food from the menu here because my Beandip battled bladder issues for a long time. He's in much better shape these days. I think all of my cats are healthier due to the switch.
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Another wet food fan, here. I switched to all wet from a mix of wet and dry in January when Eric had a high blood glucose reading. He doesn't need the carbohydrates in dry food. After switching to all wet his blood glucose level dropped dramatically.

Both Eric and Kolohe have had problems with crystals. The moisture in the wet food helps keep urine moving through their systems reducing the chance of infection and more crystals.

I'm feeding Wellness and Natural Balance because both are available in grain and fish free flavors. The cats love it and are doing well.
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my girl prefers wet and the wetter the better (gravy mix) but i always leave dry down at night incase she gets the munches
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