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Yesterday I found out that one of my neighbours cats died. Her name was Billie and she was all black. Bess came out on the porch one morning and found Billie stretched out dead, she was only 11 years old. Billie would never let us pet her but she'd come over and visit my cats through the porch screen door and she'd often give us a full account on what she had been doing that day. . She leaves behind four other "brothers and sisters." I'll miss her. RIP Billie.
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Rest in Peace, Billie
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Rest peacefully over the rainbow bridge.
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Awww Billie, RIP baby Be free of pain now sweetheart
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Rest in Peace, sweet Billie
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Rest in Peace, Billie. It sounds like many people and cats will be missing you.
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Play happily at the bridge Billie

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RIP Sweet Billie - you are in a special place now with some special kitties - enjoy your new adventures
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RIP Billie
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RIP Billie.
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