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Question everyone....

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I was just wondering everyones cats do that "kneading" thing with their paws?? And does anyone know why they do that. Thanx
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Someone else asked the same question recently. Popular question!

Here's the link to that thread: Kneading Cat

I think most cats do knead when they are comfortable and happy. It goes back to being a kitten when they would knead Mother Cat to stimulate milk. I know my two knead when they get into pets.
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I've had some world's champion "moonwalkers". Opie doesn't do it but Rowdy can do a Swedish massage on my stomach. I wouldn't mind, except for the claws.
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Peedoodle often kneads when I am asleep, and sometimes its not like what a normal cat does, but its kind of a digging action.
I guess he varies in between kneading and 'digging' LOL
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It simply means your kitty is contented and happy. A throwback from kittenhood when the kitten learns that by kneading the paws more milk would come out of the teat causing them great happiness. We have a champion kneader- and she kneads 24/7 literally! We have a thick blanket we use when Karma wants on our lap.
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Whiskers is the same. As soon as anyone lies down, up she goes. pesonally, I don't mind at all. It does feel like a mini-massage. She then turns around about half a dozen times, finds a comfy place on my belly and dozes off.
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Thanx everyone for all your great responses, some really made me laugh lol...mind you my furbaby is only 3 months, so i think he's lookin for milk. Sometimes he bits my skin or trys to suck, soooo sweet.
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My Squirt is the kneader in the family...every night when I am trying to go to sleep. He used to always do this in my hair when it was longer, and the claws were a bit annoying.
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Pretty much all of mine knead, but Merle even does it when he eats!! Bod does it all the time as soon as you come near him... then he starts "suckling" on my clothes too!!
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Barney has never done the kneading thang but all my other cats have. I think poor Barnes may have been separated from his mother at a very early age and has missed out on some of the niceties of being a kitty, poor little man.
Diann in Australia
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Fred does it all the time, but unfortunately, his claws don't retract fully, so it is pretty uncomfortable. My big boy, Leo, would sometimes get on my back and knead. A 22 lb. cat with huge paws makes for a wonderful massage.
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LOL!!!! Booger is a big 14 pounds or so... but she doesn't massage us. She kneads up a storm - and because she's inside/outside, we don't clip her claws. We keep a thick sweatshirt around for when she wants on a lap or watch out - YEOW!

Little Munchie kneads with all four paws! When she gets excited (waiting for dinner, at the beginning of "chase the mouse," etc.), she'll stand there and knead with all four - she looks like a wind-up toy or something kind of bobbing in place - it is too cute.

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I forgot - Lazlo kneads like nuts too. I thought I had a pic, but I can't seem to find it. He hops up on the sheepskin (his bed - on my bedside table) and starts kneading. His paws stretch out SO HUGE and he starts PURRRRRIING - it's so loud it's like a motorboat. He often nuzzles his head down into the sheepskin, but doesn't actually suckle. After a while, he starts slowing down. It gets slower and slower until it's like watching a movie in slow motion...and then he curls up or stretches out and passes out. It's so sweet, and makes me so happy. Here he is, having a stretch....
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Aww what a cute kitty! He looks so content!
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Hee hee!! Great pic!! I love it when they display their "webbed" paws!!
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Great picture

Corky is the one who does the kneading, as she isn't much of a lap cat when she does lie on you and starts to knead we have learned how to put up with her claws. I think there is nothing better than curling up on the setee with a purring cat kneading away at you, it certainly cures the winter blues.

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We call this baking.... We have a movie of Casper baking:

Casper baking
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Hee hee!!! Kitty and Casper, that is SOO cool!! Love the huge teddy in the pic too!!
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How cool is that! What a cute kitty - a great bread-maker! those paws!!!! LOL!
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That's BRILLIANT! Casper looks like a little angel padding away like that. How sweet!
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Laurie, love the picture of Lazlo.

Kitty & Casper - that was way too cute!!!!
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Does anyone's cat prance when petted? Ophelia just can't sit or lay still when she's getting loves. She prances around, sometimes stops to knead a bit, then prances some more, head-butting when she comes across a hand that isn't petting her. She's so cute when she does it, it's like she's just too excited to stay still. That's how I get my kitty massage - she's Daddy's girl and wants Daddy to pet her, but she would rather be ON Mommy.
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Heidi, Monty does that too! He won't just SIT on your lap to be petted, he walks all over you, kneading you here and there, and if you stop, you get head butted!! He also prances around with his butt in the air, and will occasionally rub his whole head all over the floor/couch/lap or whatever he happens to be on... :laughing:
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Thank you all. He may look like an angel, but he sure ain't one
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