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Older cat doesn't like me or the kitten anymore

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I'm new to this site and hope someone can help me with my question. I have a 4 year old and a 9 month old, both females, and since having the kitten fixed, the older cat does not wanna be held anymore. She also hisses and growls at me and the kitten all the time. Before the kitten got fixed they would play together all the time, or atleast what i thought was playing. When the mood strikes her, she can be good as gold and be on my lap. Why does she do this now, since the kitten has been fixed??
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I have the same problem as you. Mikko is 8 yrs old and Mimurr is now turning 8 months. When I first brought him home they of course did the usual hissing and stuff. Then they got along fine. That is until I started letting Mikko outside. Talking to my vet, she said that seeing as he had to start his pecking order again with the neighborhood cats, coming home stressed out and seeing Mimurr just was too much. I guess it's like a guy coming home from a really stressful job and having the kids want all his attention at once.

I wish I could give you some advice on what to do. I have been reading several sites on behavior and one kinda hit me.

It talked about re-introducing them, but this time, praising and giving the older cat treats They feel if the cat starts to realize that "Hey this is nice and not so bad", that it might help bring them around. It may take a while. I am going to give it a try and see what works for me.

Let me know what you find out.

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Here's my 2 cents -

Cats recognize each other mainly by scent. Very often when one cat returns from the vet, the other cat in the same household will hiss and try to attck him because the scent is different (ans bring back memories of "That Place" ). Milky&Snickers, when was the young one fixed? It usually takes up to 2 weeks for them to settle down.

blackcat, are both of them neutered? If so, it could be what you said and re-introduction may be in order.
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I am having the same problem.I have a 4 year old male. I have had him only 1 year, he was adopted from people down the street who had a new baby. It was the baby or the cat. he is fixed & declawed, & they just left him out to fend for himself!He has never opened up to us and still cries all the time to go out. Now I have a 6 month female also fixed.Indy the male just hisses & gowls at Isis the female. He is now hissing & growling at me. he won't let anyone pick him up, he never would eat any treats (can you believe it)! I still haven't found a toy to grab is interest. I had hoped a playmat would help but it seems to have made him worse. Yet at rare moments I have seen him let Isis lick him for a minute or 2, then it's back to the hissing. If "Anyone" has any ideas on what I can do Please let me know. I love them both so much & I want them to get along.

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You might want to take him to the vet for a real good check up. Have a blood panel and such done. Aggression like this is usually caused by a medical problem. There are lots of things that can go unoticed. If the results come back really good, then I would work on some behavioral issues. It could be the declawing causing the aggression or even stress. Is he doing or was he doing anything else before the new kitty?
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Indy has always been a quiet kitty, very laid back. I never saw a cat lay or sleep so much & I've raised a few. Treats & toys don't grab him. He'll eat only dry food, no tuna (which I know is bad) or wet food. Getting him to play is almost nill! So we thought a playmate. He was declawd when we got him. The only stress would be our new kitten Isis. I've talked to the vet about him & she said he'll come around. That was a month ago. I've read some cats just never get along but call a truce & put up with each other.

If it is a behavoral issue I haven't a clue how to handle it or what to do. Thanks Sandie, any more help?? Send it my way. :confused3:
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Well, as with everyone else I too still am working on more and more behavior modifications. With as many cats as I have, theres always something going on.
A month is not a terribly long time for a 4 year old. They have actually found that cats will usually develope thier aggressive or behavioral issues between the ages of 2 and 4. Males tend to lean more with behavioral or territorial issues.
Since he is being the aggressor, you may want to seperate him from her. Pick a large room and make that room his temporary home. The 2 will be able to sniff under the door and such. Let him calm down a little bit and try another re introduction. I am guessing the crying could be from the stress. He wants to get away from it. Please watch for his litter box habits as well. Stress can bring on urinary tract infections. Which could complicate matters.
I would give it another month with trying to introduce them. If he is still aggressive, I would talk to the vet about drug therapy. Usually they will prescripe an anti depressant and keep them on it for a bit. Then they gradually wean them off when they have mellowed a bit. Usually they come around.
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I have talked with my vet and she doesn't seem to think that Mikko will change. I have to say that I have tried

a) washing them with the same shampoo. So they smell alike. No go!

b) Put vanilla extract on Mikko's nose (someone recommended it) and the kitty as well. NO go!

c) Tried,,,and failed... to reintroduce them. I put Mimurr in one room, but Mikko goes to the other side of the house. Still growls to go out. I am going to try again.

My vet didn't respond to my asking about a behaviorist. Mimurr has been checked and nothing is wrong with him Mikko has been taken to vet. NOthing wrong there. Both are extrememly healthy. Mimurr (the youngest) is neuteured now for 3 weeks. Mikko hasn't changed any. Still growls and hisses.

Funny, MIkko can sometimes put up with the little one. Then suddenly, it's as if he remembers "HEY" I don't like you. and it's back to his old self. They got along fine in the winter. Not sure what to do. but I'm not giving up.

Question? Mimurr will go down on his back to Mikko. I thought this was a sign of submission. So shouldn't Mikko treat him better now that Mimurr has pretty much told him he owns the roost?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Ann Neuturing mom.
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In dogs yes, it is a sign of submission. In cats, it is fear aggresion. They are laying down getting ready to attack with their back feet.
Are you planning on letting Mimurr out as well? If so, this may releive some of the attention too. It is hard to re introduce when they dont see each other all the time because Mikko is outside some of the time.
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Hi Blackcat
I'm having much the same problem as you. Sandie has been a big help Thanks Again!

The last few days I've just left them alone to do their own thing & not interfer. It seems to be helping. Indy has settled a bit & last night even slept on my bed again (his usual place), but Isis was already there & he stayed anyway! : So I'm taking this as a good sign. If this keeps up for a week or more then it's time to party

Everytime I walk past Indy or see him anywhere in the house I give him a pet, rub, kiss & tell him what a good boy he is & I love him very much---then just keep on going. Seem to be working. "He just jumped on my computer desk". YEPPE!! :
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Congrats logan! Glad to hear that they are starting to get along. Unfortunatly with my babies, they still aren't. We might have to get rid of Snickers. But Snickers was a gift from my aunt, who recently passed away from cancer, and i dont wanna get rid of her. It's either get rid of her, or let Snickers stay, and have Milky growl and hiss all the time at all of us and at Snickers. Not sure what we are gonna do?!?!?! Logan - Where do you get all those cool icons??
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Milky&Snickers, Indy has been good today, but tiime will tell. I know how you feel, it's very frustrating! I don't feel out of the woods yet. I could never get rid of one of my Kitties, if they never get along I'd still keep both. Over time maybe things would get better.
As for the smilies, I got them right here on this web site There are so many, & I'm just learning to play with them. It's so much fun I think the blobs are one of my favorites
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Logan, I am so happy things are getting better there. Sometimes they really just need the time and x tra attention.
As for Milky and snickers, I really hate to ever go to this, but maybe the aggressive one needs a little help with medication. It will sometimes help with the inital stress and then you can take them off. I have heard it has worked wonders. I am going to try this if I cant get my 2 black cats to ease up in the next month.
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Originally posted by Milky&Snickers
Where do you get all those cool icons??
check out this thread!!
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Well, I spoke to soon. After only one day Indy is back to his growling, hissing self. BUT if can be this way (nice) for even one day, then he can do it again.I haven't given up hope. Someday he will be the kitty he use to be!
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