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Win Hundreds of Dollars Worth of Prizes on TCS!

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A short teaser, ladies and gentlemen....

Coming soon to a forum near you!

We will be launching two cool contests over the month of June with some purrizes that will make both cats and cat owners very very happy

Stay tuned - we'll announce the contests on Friday, 1st of June right here in the cat lounge!
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Bumping.... Post to this thread folks if you like
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OOoooohh, that sounds exciting! I can't wait to hear more about it!
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I never win prizes.....especially if it requires some computer or artistic talent. But it is still exciting and I can still try!

Is it June yet?
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Ooooo, I just love contests!! Can't wait!
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Sounds like lots of fun!!!
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That does sound like fun!
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this sounds so exciting, and well besides make up work which I should have done by then, then I am all game who am I foolin, i would play even if I had school work to do Cant wait
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Can overseas people win the prizes as well??
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Sounds neat! I hope it's something I can enter!
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oooo cant wait
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Hmmmm, winning prizes eh? So, I'll have to DO something? Sounds too hard for me
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Im assuming this is just for US and Canadian posters?
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I imagine it's for anyone -- the site owner is in Israel herself!
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HUmmm cant wait to find out
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Some of the prizes will be available to overseas as well, while others may have postage covered in the US only (but you could arrange to have them sent overseas at an additional fee). This is just to be fair to our sponsors, since shipping costs overseas can sometimes be as expensive as the item itself. Sorry to our overseas member, but being one myself I am sure you are familiar with this already...

The June contests (there will be two of them running on the same month) require no photoshop or any other special skills. All they would require is typing and love of cats. I do believe that covers just about any member in our site!
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Bumping again....
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No art skills! I am so in!!
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Typing and loving cats... sounds like there might be a lot of competition for this one!
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Bumping! Ooh...I can't wait to hear more about this!
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Sounds exciting can't wait.
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Sounds Great Anne
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ooo, i can't wait!
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*bump* This sounds like fun!
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hmmmm, I dunno, I have a hard time typing....
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