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Check out this bottle of wine!!

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My friend bought this Riesling wine for me. How cool is the bottle?!
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That is so cool!
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I've seen the black cat bottle at my local wine shop. Next time I'm in I'm going to pick it up. If the wine is bad I don't really care, I'll just wash it out and keep the bottle.
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my friend Corinne has about 8 of those bottles in all different colors. They are so cute! I love them, now I know what wine to look for.
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Yup - I've got a bunch of them too!
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I have that's friend is an artist she said she could paint it!!
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Neat!! I know you said Riesling -- what vintner? I haven't seen it around here, but I'd look for it.
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That is too cool! I haven't seen that around here, but I'll be looking for it. Let us know how the wine is!
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I bought mine at World Market. I have a black and green bottle. The wine was ok but worth it just for the bottl!! I also had a Vino Verde called Gatao that has a cat one the label!!
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Yeah...she got mine at World Market.
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Wow, that is super cool
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I love those! I have made out of that cobalt blue glass.
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Cool! I want one.....or 10!
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I have the red one that had reisling in it. I came out of the liquor store and my bf-at-the-time said he just knew I would have to buy it as soon as I saw it... I've seen blue too, but not these other colors!
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that's pretty cool! I'll have to look for it the next time I'm in a wine shop...oh wait - is it a local wine??
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Wow that's beautiful. Hope the wine is good, too.
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Oh my gosh, that's fabulous! And I'm a big collector of glass, so --

Uhoh. Another collection is born...
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My (AHEM) kitties got me the pink and the black ones of those for Meowmys day. I thought they were just absolutely adorable. I drank the pink bottle last night(Yep almost all of it ) it was good! Now that I know they have other ones of them, I might have to talk the "kitties" into ordering them from Daddys liquor store.
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