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Have i done it

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Hi all i have been trying to work out how to post pictures of Smudges babies for ages but i think i know how now.

If it works this is smudge at about 1 year old.

I dont think this has worked, has it

i will try again later.
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nope no pictures

are you using photobucket?
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Yes but now i have managed to get the pictures. how do i resize them ? they are huge
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I struggled for a while until I started using photobucket. It is free. Just download your pictures to there. Then, click on the image insert symbol above. Copy and paste the link to the url on photobucket under the picture you want to insert. Sounds like a lot of steps, but it becomes second nature after you have done it a few times. Just remember to resize your picture once it is on photobucket. Size it to "message board forum" size. To do this, after you have downloaded it to photobucket, open the picture on that site, click on edit, click on resize picture.

Here are the steps:
1. Go to
2. Enroll for free
3. Click Browse for Pictures
4. Find a picture on your computer that you want to use
5. Download it to Photobucket
6. Click on your picture in your album on photobucket
7. Click on "edit"
8. Click on "resize"
9. Click on "message board size"
10. Go back to your album
11. Right click on the url under the picture and click on copy
12. Post a message on this furum and click on "insert image" symbol
13. Paste the url of the image in the space provided.

That is it. Someone correct me, if I left out a step. Sounds complicated, but it goes fast and, once you have done it, it becomes very easy. Print out these directions and you might can just follow the steps as you go.
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Originally Posted by Ringclan View Post
Yes but now i have managed to get the pictures. how do i resize them ? they are huge
when you download them into photobucket you can select the option for the right size - if you look just to the right of the section where you browse to upload your photos theres a click option for the sizes, you need message board size 640x480.......
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Thanks i will try that now
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Trying again after resizing on photo bucket.

This is Smudge and her babies at about 4 Days. the date on the picture is wrong.
If the pic is the right size now i will do a new post of the babies which will be 3 weeks tomorrow. Fingers crossed
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You got it! What a beautiful cat!
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Thank you .My husband brought her home. When we got her she was full of flea's and very shy i don't think she had been loved much. She's just lovely now and sooooooooooo affectianate. Apparently she is part siamese.
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Well, you can sure tell that she is loved now. Good job and the babies look wonderful!
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aww look at that mum and her furries shes keeping them all well protected with her paws around them, how sweet

I love B&W kitties - but then I do have two of my own - sorry if I missed this but are you keeping the little ones
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aww look at that lil cows!!! they are beautiful!!!
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aww she is beautiful!! Cow kitties! what makes you think she is part siamese?
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Some one said to me after we got her she had a bit of a siamese look to her. Ive never been sure of that though.
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Thye are gorgeous, they look just like her!
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