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It's Been So Long-- When Will Kittens Arrive?

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It's been years since I had a pregnant cat, and I barely remember the experience.

My new cat came to me, apparently pregnant. I am clueless as to how to even begin to know when the kittens might arrive.

Some details:
-She has been extra hungry ever since she came in. (Has been tested & didnt have worms...)
-Pregnant tummy became obvious 9 days ago.
-The last few days she has been hanging out in the bathtub. A lot.
-Can feel the kittens in her.

The bathtub? It is a fairly private place from the other animals and us humans. Could she be planning this as where she wants her kittens to be? I really want to close off my basement (where litter boxes currently are) to prevent her from finding an inaccessible spot there. But I don't want to do it too soon or too late!

So for anyone who has had kittens... from the time by sight that she was obviously pregnant, how long till your kittens were born? The cat I had years ago who gave birth had FIVE kittens and I seem to remember she got REAL big. But the kittens were all pretty big.

Thank you!
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Usually its about 63-70 days beng pregnant. During the last week or two is when its most noticable to see or feel the kittens. Sounds like she's about 2 weeks from delivering. Start feeding her a higher calorie kitten food and getting her used to being confined in a large cage or small room with the kittening box

If you can post a few pictures of her, we might be able to tell a little better. If she's carrying a small number of kittens, she would not show till almost delivery time. If its a large litter, she might show 3-4 weeks before delivery.
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My cat started showing when she was a little over 3 weeks along. So alot of the time its different for every cat, so you can really only go by the average..
About a week ago Kalli started searching for places to nest. 7 weeks along approx.
Since you really dont know when she is due, just confine her now. As goldenkitty said, pictures would be nice if you have a digital camera.
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Just wanted to let you know that I've added your kitty to our Kitten Watch thread: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...73#post1801473

What is her name?
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Her name is Delphine. I guess it is from a Barbie movie (my younger sister named her).

I've started her on the kitten food and she is still eating well. She is an all black cat except for some white on her chest and tummy.
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How is your kitty doing?
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She's still pregnant. Week by week since she's been inside, she also is looking so much healthier than at first. Not just the pregnancy glow I don't think But I did some research and I know what to look out for in terms of what leads up to giving birth, and I don't believe she is really actually due until at LEAST next weekend. We'll see though. I still wake up every day and inspect her just to be sure.
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Well, I hope that she has a safe and easy labor/birth!
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