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Pictures of sweet Norris (broken leg and all)

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Tonight Colin helped me take a few pictures of little Norris. The pictures say it all about his poor leg Poor thing is just pitiful! But still looks soo sweet in the pictures. I just took him outside a minute ago...he was sick to his tummy. (tomorrow i will start him on some meds for the diarreah)This little fella just can't seem to catch a break. I have no doubt though, when all is said and done that is AMAZING dog will find the perfect home. He is such a wonderful pup!

Colin and Norris

he has the sweetest face!

this is one of the pictures that really shows how bad his leg is (it's not cut open or anything- thankfully!) just badly broken.) - you see how he just carries it raised at all times. he's walking like a tripod. it's also swollen very badly. The break starts at the top of the hip and goes down. There are fragments of bone throughout according to the x-rays

his poor swollen leg

he can't put any pressure/walk on the broken leg at all (but that's good so hopefully it won't do more harm to the break before he can get surgery)

a back view so ya'll can see the break where it begins and how swollen the broken one is compared to the other one.
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Norris trying to hobble over and give me kisses. He's such a sweetie pie!

Enjoying his dinner! Yum Yum! He's pretty thin so we're trying to help get him to a healthy weight.!

this stuff is delish!! wow thanks mum! i didn't get this stuff in the shelter!!

Hi Norris! Whatcha Doin?? Wanna share some of that with me (hehe Kojak's been hanging out around Norris since we brought him home! Norris is AWESOME with kitties)

Fosters hanging out with his new buddy! Those two get along soooo well!!!

"Hey buddy, wanna share some of that with me"
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he is lovely... he actually looks like a coyote / dog cross I used to know
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Poor Norris!!! His leg looks terrible!!!

As for the're probably the last person I have to tell this to, but take in a stool sample. Or is it possible that there are some other injuries from being hit by a car other than the obviously broken leg?

Can he at least lay comfortably?
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
he is lovely... he actually looks like a coyote / dog cross I used to know
Thankyou!!! We just adore the little guy! He's soo sweet natured!
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he's a beautiful dog! i hope he gets the care he needs ASAP. that leg must hurt like heck.
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He has such a sweet little face.
Poor little Man, his leg looks awful but he sure seems to enjoy his food
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He's such a sweet boy. Looks like a dingo. I would take him if there was any way I could.

Any updates on the idiotic bag who got him into this mess?
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OMG! I`ve just been reading your thread in the lounge!
Poor, poor Norris. He looks like such a sweetie considering he must be in so much pain and everything.

I really hope you can make a complaint about the vets. My sister has recently been in a similar situation. Her dog had a broken neck and was sent home after 2 days with the doggy equivalant of aspirin! Vet didn`t do x-rays even though they had to send a nurse to the beach because the dog couldn`t stand!!!

Anyway, many healing vibes for sweet Norris .
And for you and your big heart.
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Awwwwwwwww Nikki, he is just the sweetest thing

Bless you for doing such an amazing job with him and all the really are a godsend to them girl
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Awww...Nikki, he looks like an angel! How anyone could abuse that cute face is beyond me. As I posted in your other thread, I would find any way to get that vet to close down. They do not need to be in operation.
He's a sweet boy and kojak is just a curious little guy! I'm glad Norris is at least in great care with you!
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Thanks again everyone for all the kind words and support. (it makes my job as a foster mom a lot easier when i can talk about it/vent about stupid people) Little Norris seems to be doing better tonight as far as his stomach goes. His leg looks worse though I've been putting ice on it and keeping up with his meds so the pain is being managed at least- but i'm just afraid at this point they may have to amputate since the stupid vets let it go soo long without doing surgery. Also- no news about the heifer who adopted him. She has yet to call about him after my boss tried to contact her. As far as that vets office goes- i still need to talk to my boss and find out exactly what's going on and if she's let them know what they did is NOT ok (i know one of my bosses did, but my other boss- our supervisor is supposed to call too). When i talked to them a few days ago they mentioned looking for another vets office since this one has started neglecting our shelter animals in a way. It's frusterating.....and it's innocent animals like Norris that suffer (uhh can ya'll tell i'm still fuming over this) / Anyways, back to what mattters Little Norris seems to be doing better tonight as far as not feeling as much pain/having an upset tummy. He was able to keep down his dinner earlier without getting sick. He also seems to have more energy. He's wanting to run around everywhere so we're having to keep him in his cage so he stays quiet and doesn't make the break any worse. Hehe, and he has also discovered where Fosters hides the rawhides and has been "stealing" them goofball! Him and Kojak seem to be making friends as well!! He's such an amazing dog! I'm sooo happy to have him here Colin loves him too!
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What a beautiful pup, i hope he gets operated on soon and that his leg will be okay
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Originally Posted by Dragoriana View Post
What a beautiful pup, i hope he gets operated on soon and that his leg will be okay
Thankyou I think he's just beautiful too! (I love his sweet little facial expressions- they're adorable!!! I'll have to try and snap some more pictures when i get time). He is supposed to have his leg surgery tomorrow. I'm not sure yet if it needs to be amputated or if they can do orthapedic surgery on it and fix it. I'm hoping for the latter but eithor way- i will make sure he is well taken care of and recovers well with lots of love and attention. I'll keep everyone posted on little Norris tomorrow. For right now though- his tummy is doing a LOT better so that's wonderful news!
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