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Irritated eye

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My kitten 28 days old has one eye that is irritated. I read the post that u have on kitten care-eye problems. I am using gauze and it seems to be doing a bit better. The eye is reddish around the lid, the fluid is clear just seems like a watery eye. The eye actually has minimal crustys. But it just looks like he/she is wincing. How long and what signs should i look for in which it is time to take it to the vet? Any other advice is apreciated. Is a low level of sneezing exceptable. Example being once maybe twice a day?
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I would suggest taking your kitten to the vet anyway, just for a check up.

Twice a day sneezing sounds ok to me but when you combine it with eye problems it may indicate an allergy of some sort.
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It could be a virus, infection, or just irritated. Either way, it sure wouldn't hurt to put the kitten on an antibiotic for a round. Better safe than sorry. The Vet can give you some eye antibiotic and an oral one.
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The eye seem to be doing a lot better. They are still a bit watery but there is no crusty's. They were just in for a check up before the onset of the irritated eye and the vet was pleased with their health. As far as the sneezing goes it isnt frequent, and i think i might be mistaking them "spitting" as a sneeze.
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