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Hubby's cat

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This is Buffy, (not my crazy Buffy when I was a child) she was asleep on the porch and a white squirrel came along and ate her food without her knowing. LOL
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So much for a watch cat, huh? LOL Buffy's a cute kitty.
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That is one laid-back kitty!
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Too cute!
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A WHITE squirrel? I've never seen one of those (only seen a red once once, in Germany). We only get grey ones here.

Is that a different breed or was it just albino?

Poor Buffy - having her dinner eaten by a squirrel!
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I can just see that squirrel(the honourary cat) sitting above that lazy kitty You must stop feeding you cat Fruit and Nut
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How cute!!!
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White squirrels are from Hawaii, someone brought them over to the mountains of Western North Carolina and somehow they bred and here they are. They are not albinos, surprisingly enough.

Here is a little info. I am not far from Brevard, NC

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Buffy is just beautiful! And I have never seen a white squirrel either!! How pretty! I'm glad we don't have them around here, though...I'm afraid it might meet the same fate as the black squirrel my hubby had stuffed and hanging on the wall.
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