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According to the instructions on the site, I measured and I'm supposedly a 38 b. I wear a 36 a and it's quite comfortable.
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I used to only wear VS, but Macy's had a sale on Bali bras and I decided to try one. They are pretty cute and very comfy- at least the minimizer bra that I got. I was measured at 36DD and when I actually tried on a bra in that size I was amazed at the difference. I thought I was a lot smaller! I bought three Bali minimizers are they are wonderful- the ones I bought don't look scary- they actually look like the VS Body By Victoria bras I used to get. I just wish it were easier to find a sports bra in this size.
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Originally Posted by capt_jordi View Post
Before I went on BC I was a low B.... and in 2 years I've grown to a D... its no fun... I curse it often!
Hmm, I guess I've got another year & a half to see if BC does anything positive for my "little ones". I dont want much, just a 34B!
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Originally Posted by kerry'n'ben View Post
im 20 and should wear a 36 FF but these sizes have no pretty bra's and no places near me have this size anyway so i tend to wear a 40 E during the day for comfort and a 42 DD if i need to emphasise my assets e.g. going clubbing . My main problem is that i get a lot of back pain due to the weight of my chest
Oh how I feel your pain -- I had a reduction at age 16 because of back pain.

I can honestly tell you, tho, that most of your back pain can be minimized by wearing the proper size bra. I had worn a 36C for years, and couldn't figure out why the boys were all jazzed about this one popular girl's chest, who said she was a 36C, but who was clearly smaller than I. Turns out when I was professionally fitted, that I was NOT a 36C, rather I was a 34DD, nearing DDD. That bra was like a breath of fresh air. I was able to hold my shoulders high, I didn't get *ahem* soggy between the girls, and I didn't have back spasms as often as I'd had before. I still opted for the surgery, and I don't regret it in the least.

A properly fitted bra should lift and separate, should provide most of the support from the band, NOT the shoulder straps, and should not gap in front. So, if you're getting divots in your shoulders, if the band rides up in back, or if you can see daylight between the bra and your bustline, the band's too big. If the underwire digs in under your arms or in the middle, if you've got bulging over the sides or at the cleavage, the cup is too small.

Something else I recommend to every woman who frets about her bras -- get fitted OFTEN, like at least twice a year. More often if you're dieting or heaven forbid gaining weight. Any change in overall body weight will have an effect on your bust size, and even if the scale doesn't change, weight can shift over time! You can be fitted for FREE at any reputable department store's foundations department, and you can then use this size as a guide to get you started anywhere (yes, even Walmart) -- remember sizing varies by brand, so you may need to try several sizes before you find your best fit.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
It says I am a 37C. I wear a 36A. It was a big ego boost for me! But, my reasoning behind starting this thread....is that there is no way I could "fill" a C cup.

Is your "official" bra size the same as what you wear?

So I finally got my hand on one of those tape measures, and it also says I should be a C cup, yet I am a 34/36A. Hmmph. I wish.

(Well, not really. I just want a nice B).
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It says that I am a 34D, but I normally buy a 36C. Guess it's time for a fitting!
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