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MMMMMM Barbeque!!!!

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We now officially have a barbeque! I'm so happy. My bosses gave me an old one of theirs for free! They're so nice. Anyway, we've had it since tuesday, but we had to wait until friday when I got paid to buy a propane tank. We also ended up getting a new grill (the old one was quite rusted) and some bbq utensils. Tonight we are having one of my all-time favourite dinners. BBQ'd pork chops On the side, we're having some asparagus and mixed beans and peas. Bf has just now put the chops on the grill. I'm so excited.
What's your favourite BBQ meal??
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mMMmMMMMMMMM, is right..I love bbq!!

I like steak
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Tomorrow we're BBQing at my parents. DH and I followed my parents to a local fresh seafood place after church. We picked up a nice size Salmon (my request! My parents can grill salmon like no one else! ) some shrimp, sea scallops (they were huge!) and I think some flounder. I'm making pasta salad tonight and some rosemary sage potatos tmorrow. I'd like to get some veggies and maybe mushrooms too! Not sure what else were having but I'm ready to eat!
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Yammy, share the food with your kitties, they love it, but then they won't get used to eat the healthy food they should eat
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Oh I loooooooooove to grill-out!! I love all kinds of grilled food. My favorite thing is my grilled buffalo chicken skewers! Just don't forget to soak the wooden skewers in water first or they will catch on fire. I also love grilled vegetables and grilled corn on the cob.
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I wish I had a balcony I haven't had BBQ for years. My brother has an indoor grill on his stove that he uses, but it's not the same as a real outdoor BBQ. I have thought of buying a small habachi, but I would look rather silly sitting out in the back parking lot near the garbage bins BBQ'ing my dinner, LOL Then there is the time it takes for it to cool off so I could bring it back inside up 7 floors in an elevator, LOL
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My dad makes the best ribs ... I am hoping for them next week. I love BBQ season. Although my parents BBQ year round (their BBQ is on the deck)
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BBQ is what we do best here is Australia!

Anything is good on the BBQ! Potatoes, steak, ribs, wings....

Mmmm I want to fire up the Barbie now!!
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Wow, funny that I just saw this thread today. I just added my illustrated 'rib how to' page to my site!
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Originally Posted by Leli View Post
What's your favourite BBQ meal??
Shrimp and salmon with sweet corn and misc veggies (mushrooms, onions, bell pepper, and yellow squash). All are marinated before going on the grill -except the corn- with sauce and fresh garlic. Hooray for your new BBQ! That was a nice gift
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Steak, eggplant and vidalia onions (onions cooked in tin foil with some olive oil). Asparagus grilled is also amazing. I love my BBQ!

A roast is good, slow cooked with a drip pan or most recently I tried a recipe from the Cooking with Cattitude for ribs this way that was also excellent.

Salmon is alway great. The list goes on....
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