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Cat tricks

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Do any of your cats do any really special tricks??
Neil and Bakker have one. Bakker is climbing a tree and Neil will stand underneath and kinda close and Bakker will jump onto his shoulder.
Doesn't matter how high up (not more than a couple feet or so above Neil's shoulder). What a performer I have-can I get on Letterman though???
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Hmmm, the only thing Trout does is she plays fetch..

Well, she will also jump on my back when I bend down to tie my shoes
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George likes to play fetch with balled up paper. He'll bring it back and drop it right in your hand!!
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PHX can play fetch, he'll bring his toy and put it in my hand. He also can open up the bathroom door... right now he's working on the front door... I'm trying to keep him away from that one... He can also do back flips off the couch when you play with the fishing pole toy Other than that.. I can't think of anything else
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Sibohan jumps from the floor onto my shoulder while I'm standing (and I'm 6'1") I think that's quite an acomplishment.
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Seb can nap. Yes, you read that correctly, he is a champion napper! Have never seen any cat do it as well or as often He can nap on a chair, in my bed, on a windowsill, on his bed, on the floor, on a shelf, on my desk, in the closet, behind the tub ... he is up for any napping challenge Oh, he also naps in most any position!
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I've taught Sadie to shake-a-paw, sing and dance for treats, sit, down, stay and play fetch (ok, she taught me that one). She's brilliant, I tell you, brilliant! (But, I am just a little biased).
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Tango can unscrew a lid off a plastic container of catfood.. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!

I thought I was going crazy cuz I kept finding the lid on the floor when I KNEW I had screwed the lid back on the container of the catfood..

I finally caught him unscrewing the container. My face was like this- and then I grabbed my camera and filmed him doing it..

It was AWESOME! He still does it once in a while. Now I KNOW I'm NOT going CRAZY after all!
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OH I forgot, one of the cats (i'm not sure which yet) opens the back screen door and lets the dog out. I am thinking the cats want the dog out for good but all they are doing is making mom mad and letting mosquitoes in
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Harvey disappears when it's time for his meds. Does that count?
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I taught 8-Bit to shake. It wasn't all that hard; all it takes is some positive reinforcement.
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