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RIP Fiona

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I met a very special cat back in April. Her name was Fiona, she was about 4 years old and she was my friend's indoor/outdoor baby.

She had a sad little life..never spayed, and always pregnant. She had so many worms that they would be coming out of her rear. My friend tried to treat them with over the counter dewormer over and over again. I repeatedly explained to her how cheap deworming is at the vet..but she never went.

My friend lives in the country, and this is the norm there. Cats aren't fixed, and they aren't cared for properly. They are just there because their there.

Fiona got hit by a car a couple of weeks ago and was killed, my friend just called me to let me know. She left five 3 week old kittens behind who are now being bottle fed by my friend.

Fiona was very sweet, affectionate and cuddly. She was a good girl, and deserved a better life in a warm safe home.

RIP my girl, I'm sorry you weren't given the best life possible. Play happily at the bridge where you won't have to have any more babies.

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Awwww, she was a beautiful girl too. RIP sweet Fiona, play happily at the Bridge.
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Poor girl Now she will not have to have any more kittens. She is free of that vicious cycle...but what about her kids....
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RIP sweet Fiona. I hope her kittens will have a better life.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Poor girl Now she will not have to have any more kittens. She is free of that vicious cycle...but what about her kids....
My friend kept one..and says she will spay her right at 8 weeks (I guess he peeps at SPCA told her they will do it at 8 weeks.)

She gave one to her mom and sister..and the other 2 went to the SPCA.

Problem is, around seems most kitties end up in the same fate
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Rest peacefully sweet Fiona.
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What a beautiful kitty she was. Poor baby. RIP sweet Fiona. I am glad to hear that your friend will be getting the baby fixed to help fight the kitty cycle.
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Have fun at the Bridge Fiona.
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Rest in Peace Fiona. May you find the peace and joy at the bridge that you never had a chance to find in life.
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poor kitty. she was beautiful.
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Rest in peace little Fiona. You are in a better pace, where you are happy and healthy. Play forever, little girl.
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The poor baby And her babies without a mum now

You'll see your babies again one day Fiona, but in the meantime have fun at the bridge.

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Oh my heart aches for sweet Fiona - she is in a special place now and having great kitty adventures

RIP little one - enjoy your time over the Bridge
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She was very pretty.

RIP Fiona
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Oh, that poor baby. What a sweet, pretty girl. I'm so sorry. RIP beautiful girl.
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RIP Fiona!! Go more worries.
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