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I'm so sorry he didn't make it! But at least he had you to comfort and care for him till the end!
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All I can offer is tons of prayers and best wishes. I'm glad you are trying to help this little one. At least this baby knows some love.
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I'm so sorry you lost this little baby, but it had more than most people would've offered a "kitten"......your love.

Play happily over the rainbow bridge baby!

And to you.
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I am praying for this innocent baby to make it through. I have saved many animals in my life though sadly, not all make it. You are an angel in this little ones darkest hours. He just may pull through. Hang in there honey.
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You did the best you could sweetie. Just know he was loved untill the end.

RIP little one. Go run and play with all the other Rainbow Bridge kitties.
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Bless your heart... you did everything you could, and above all, you let him feel loved during his short little life.

I hope you'll remain an active member here -- you've already demonstrated the depth of compassion that makes you very clearly "one of us."
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I'll certainly try. I have to take my tabby to the vet Tuesday to see if he has the potential to get sick, since URI's are contageous. (So I've read, I've never had a cat with one.)
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You are a wonderful person...and I am so sorry about the kitten...But from the way you described the poor baby, he was suffering. He atleast had you to make his passing a little easier. Your kindness and warmth helped him through. I know you are now worried about your Cat...but getting him/her on antibiotics is the best thing...if he is not coughing or sneezing I would not worry to much. I just rescued a kitten and she had a URI and UTI, she was a sick kitty ...thank God my other cats did not catch it. Its been a little over 2 weeks and they are all doing well.
Thank God for Good People like you...Take care!
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