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Found Kitten, bad situation.

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l found a kitten yesterday, but hes having a very hard time it seems to stay alive.

Hes maybe a month or less old, and has terrible sinus drainage. Im almost positive his eyes are to be open because hes developed teeth and walks.

I cant get him to drink kittens milk, water, or eat soft food. He seems almost braindead, except for his small spurts of maybe 10 seconds of energy oalking in circles and meowing. You can move him while haes unresponsive, but he just contorts back to the same position he was in before you moved him. His eyes were matted shut, and I've gotten a warm wet rag and wiped it away to pull his eyelids back.

When I did that, A LOT of white, almost milk-shake thick mucus came out of his right eye. When I found him, his nose was full of dirt and his face was almost solid because of drainage. He has small fits of coughing up alot of spit.

Its Memorial Day weekend, and no vets are in.. What can I do to keep him stable until Tuesday?

I know I've posted this elsewhere, but Im becoming frantic.
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First, thank you for trying to help this little one. I am going to give you some advice, but honestly I don't think it will help. It sounds as if he has a horrific upper respiratory infection and possibly some brain damage from one of the common kitten viruses as well.

If he is going to survive he needs antibiotics, tube feeding and fluids. Unfortunately you need a vet to accomplish these things. All you can do is keep his eyes, nose and mouth clear of mucus, keep him warm, and try force feeding food and water without causing him to aspirate. You also need to try and stimulate peeing and pooping. These are just the basics to try and keep him alive long enough to see your regular vet. I don't think he is going to make it that long.

If I was in your situation I would be finding an emergency vet and bring him in. If I could not afford that, I would explain to them that it is a stray that I found and I cannot afford to treat him, but I don't want him to suffer. I personally would ask that they euthanize this little one. If he is in as bad a shape as you are describing, he is not likely to live even with expert medical care.

I am sorry to have such bad news, I just want you to realize how sick this little one is. Many times, unfortunately, we can't save them despite our best efforts. This little guy needs immediate emergency medical attention if he is going to have any chance at life or alternatively a death less filled with suffering. I am so sorry.
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We're force feeding as we speak. I tried again to get him to potty, but no luck.

Its unfortunate because I live in a small town, in Arkansas. The closest non-ER vet is 30 miles away, but we're making phone calls right now trying to get ahold of someone.
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If you have a humidifier and can put him in a small room with it, that could help the symptoms temporarily. If not, you could put him in the bathroom with the hot shower one and steam up the room. This would at least feel good with the sinuses.

Also, stimulating his belly and genitals with a warm rag might help, just like his momma would do.

Thank you for rescuing him and doing your best. Whatever the outcome, you've done a good thing and he's as comfortable as possible. Sometimes a kitten has more fight that we realize!
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Well, this is the first time hes accepted even force-feeding, we haven't been able to feed him since hes been here, which was around 8 last night.

He seems to be livening up just a little bit, I hope the cat milk can provide him with enough nutrients and such until we can see a vet.

Eyes haven't matted back up, hes opening them everyonce in a while to peek around a bit.. but I think hes whiped out because of lack of food.

I have another question, how many times should I feed him daily, and how many syringes full at a time?

And thank you for your support, I was hoping I did the right thing by trying to save him. I was always told to just let nature take its course, but I have a soft spot for animals of any kind.
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You are doing the right thing and you are in the right place. In the forum section for pregnant cat and kittens is a thread for caring for kittens. I have included the link here for you. In the thread there are tons of usefull links to help you care. They answer questions like you have asked, like how often to feed it. Also keep posting many people will come along with help.

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There is a lot of good information in this site


Good luck and thanks for taking care of the little one.
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Originally Posted by PleezHelp View Post
We're force feeding as we speak. I tried again to get him to potty, but no luck.

Its unfortunate because I live in a small town, in Arkansas. The closest non-ER vet is 30 miles away, but we're making phone calls right now trying to get ahold of someone.

If you are getting him to take some milk, you have made MAJOR strides in the right direction. Keeping his little nose clean so he has some sense of smell will help with his eating. Cats wont eat if they can't smell.

I sure hope you are able to get a hold of a vet willing to give you some help over the phone if nothing else. I live rural too and know what that is like. Very depressing when you know you have an emergency at hand.

Thank you again for trying with this little guy. I will keep my fingers crossed for him. Please keep us updated.
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Well, I think its about to turn for the worst.

His little fits of spit just rolling out of his mouth I think are seizures.

Just before he starts, his whole head turns left and almost twists completely backwards. I've noticed hes done it several times, but I hope its just coincidence.

Ive called 2 different vets from the area, and neither has answered the phone. Ive left messages with both, explaining the situation. I just have a feeling its going to turn out bad.
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I hope this little guy can hang on until Tuesday. If not, you have done a good thing by trying to help. If he doesn't make it, at least you have made the last days of his life a little better, giving comfort and love. Bless you!
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Oh my god, this poor baby I pray that he can hold on until he sees a vet. I'm sorry, I have no advice for you..I am praying for the little one though.
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Thank you guys, but I really dont think hes going to make it, spending all day with him.

I've started to notice the routine twisting and spitting to be exactly the same every time, and I think hes gotten brain damage..

Hes unresponsive 99.9% of the time.. I really hope its nothing though, or something that can be cured by medicine.

Another concern is, is it anything that could be contageous to my other animals? I have a Saint Bernard and another cat, an orange tabby.
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An ER vet clinic would be open. He needs to be seen, or at least put out of his misery. These clinics are open 24/7
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Thank you so much for trying to save this little one. The only other thing I can add that I can think of is at night when you are sleeping, keep the little one with you on your chest. He/she will need all the warmth they can get. My mom did this with one of the kittens we had in a litter and she made it through the night. I really hope that the little one pulls through.
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Originally Posted by hissy View Post
An ER vet clinic would be open. He needs to be seen, or at least put out of his misery. These clinics are open 24/7
I want it to be put out of its misery, but I cant bring myself to do it, and theres no ER Clinics around.

We've called all "Emergency" lines within 50 miles, and gotten no answer all day. So much for "Emergency" lines, huh? Im just hoping I get a call in the morning, I'll take him somewhere as soon as possible.

I want this cat to live and be healthy more than anything, its gonna break my heart if it dies and I've only been around it for less than 24 hours. It hasn't left my arms since I woke this morning.

To keep it warm, I'm going to put my heating pad on Low for a little while until its box is warm, then turn it off for a few hours, then turn it back on.

If I put it in my bed, I'd be afraid of laying on it, or it falling between my bed and the wall and causing more trauma than its already been through.
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Perhaps if you post your location someone here will know of a vet you can try.

With the heating pad, make sure it's well wrapped in a towel you don't want to put the kitten directly on it.
Also did you check out the link Stormy posted above? It's got all the info you need on orphaned kittens.
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I wasn't going to even put the cat in there with it on, cuz I didn't think it was safe.

I live in Tuckerman Arkansas, about 100 miles North East from Little Rock, and 30 from Jonesboro and Batesville.

Yes, I checked the link, and I'm doing everything I can.. I've fed it several times, and its pottied twice today.

It does everything it needs to survive, it breathes, eats.. (with help), and uses the restroom.. But I cant get it to even move, it sleeps constantly.
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So you've gotten it to poop? That's a very good thing! Sleeping all the time is expected with a sick one. If he's breathing, eating and pooping, those are all good signs. Sleep helps the body fight and store energy. Keep us posted!
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Oh god that poor little baby. You are so strong and caring to do everything that you can think of. There should be more emergency lines. I really hope he pulls through
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Your a wonderful person....I would not give up.....He needs to feel your love.I think that would pull him through. Even if he does not make it atleast he had your love and caring in his time of need. Does he have a fever? A kittens temp should be be around 101. Take a rectal temp. If nothing else just keep offering the kitten milk. It is KMR? That has alot of vitamins. I just went through the same thing with two kittens. If you can find a good vet, he won't charge for a stray..mine didn't. My thoughts are with you..hope kitty pulls through. I think he will have a long happy life with you.
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I would keep fighting for the little ones life. Myself I would try to give him every fighting chance to live. When you do reach a vet I would try to see what could be done to try to save the little one before giving up and putting him/her to sleep. It sounds like the baby wants to survive.
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...I hope can make it!...
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Oh the poor sweet baby! I hope he makes it! Poor thing! My prayers are with you both!
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Many prayers coming for the baby and for you.
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I am praying for you and the little one... I want that little baby to survive this so bad. Bless your heart for loving and trying for this little one.
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Do you have any live stock farmers around you? When our barn kittens get bad, we give them penicilin (can't remember the name, but it's pink, if that helps any) and that clears up the respitory problems pretty fast. You may want to see if anyone near by has any on hand for emergencies. Also, I've found that goat's milk goes down better when they are sick then store bought cats milk. Just another suggestion if you have any nearby.

Sounds like you are doing everything right though. If he's breathing, eating and pooing then things are starting to work. Good luck and god bless you!
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Any update on the kitten? I hope it's ok.

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Bad news guys

He died. I'm assuming he broke his back from the seizures, because they kept getting worse as they were happening. He was in an awkward position when I went to check on him, and it didn't look comfortable. I tried, I really wanted him to live, but it didn't work that way I guess. We were going to take him somewhere this morning and try to find someone that knew what they were talking about.

Thanks for the help, you guys are really good people.
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Aw I'm so sorry! At least he had your love and care and didn't have to die unwanted and unloved and alone. Sometimes, that's the best we can do.
RIP little one.
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Originally Posted by Devlyn View Post
Aw I'm so sorry! At least he had your love and care and didn't have to die unwanted and unloved and alone. Sometimes, that's the best we can do.
RIP little one.
I was going to say the same thing!

He was loved and died being loved and not alone!

May he RIP and play happily over the rainbow bridge
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