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l found a kitten yesterday, but hes having a very hard time it seems to stay alive.

Hes maybe a month or less old, and has terrible sinus drainage. Im almost positive his eyes are to be open because hes developed teeth and walks.

I cant get him to drink kittens milk, water, or eat soft food. He seems almost braindead, except for his small spurts of maybe 10 seconds of energy oalking in circles and meowing. You can move him while haes unresponsive, but he just contorts back to the same position he was in before you moved him. His eyes were matted shut, and I've gotten a warm wet rag and wiped it away to pull his eyelids back.

When I did that, A LOT of white, almost milk-shake thick mucus came out of his right eye. When I found him, his nose was full of dirt and his face was almost solid because of drainage. He has small fits of coughing up alot of spit.

Its Memorial Day weekend, and no vets are in.. What can I do to keep him stable until Tuesday?
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if there NO emergency vet/hospital around, then it looks like you have to save him.

the unresponsiveness worries me. if he was found alone, then momma knew there was something wrong and left him for predators.

if you can get him to lick, something like Nutrical wil help him with nutrients and calories, which might bring him back to being a tad more responsive. he might be past the point of hunger if hes been left a while.

if he was all dirty, i would suggest a tempid bath of dawn dish soap to chean him up, in case he has fleas or something of that sort.

I would keep cleaning his eyes with the warm water, and cat eye cleaner if you can find some. a warm bottle inder a blanket or heating pad set on low for him to lay on will help too. has he been going potty??
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Tried the wet rag rubbing method to get him to potty, but no luck until later that night when he urinated in my bed.

I really hope there is a chance of survival.. hes a beautiful cat, and hasn't been out of my sight since I've picked him up.

He doesn't seem to be dirty, or have fleas. He looks actually well clean, like he wasn't abandoned too long after I found him. Hes laying on my lap wrapped in a towel, head down.. Here recently, I've noticed some ear movement, as if hes more responsive.. When I wiped his eyes earlier today, he got up and clawed his way to my shoulders, and then just.. fell out again. All he is doing is breathing.
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he could very well be scared, and hungry. i would wash him anyway, just in case cause you never know where he has been, and since he will be in your house you will want him clean.

as for the NutriCal, its great for lil guys cause it gives them needed calories and carbs, and can be supplemented til he will eat on his own. i would keep trying regular food, maybe wetted down and mixed with water and wet food to stimulate him to eat, and try to stim potty time right after any type of food. also, keep tryin water too, even if its dripped off your fingers into his mouth, just to keep him hydrated.

and i forgot to say, kudos to you for taking in this lil guy!!!
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It sounds like the poor baby has a URI which manifests as eye goop, snotty nose and sneezing. He definitely needs to eat, but probably can't smell anything. You should probably pick up some KMR and some pate style canned food. Something really stinky. Tuna/Tuna Juice might work too. It sounds like he's really young, so he should be bottle fed. Pick up one of the baby bottles with all the different sized nipple and try feeding him that way.
Use warm, moist cotton balls and try to clean his eyes and nose as best you can. Keep him warm. A lot of kittens won't eat or eliminate when they are cold.
These guys can really fade quickly when they are sick. Is there anyway you can get him into an emergency vet? There is stuff you can get to put in his eyes to help with the infection. When Smeagol had this I used Vetropolycin which is bacitracin-neomycin-polymyxin veterinary ophthalmic ointment. He had really bad infections in both eyes and it cleared it up very quickly.
I wish you lots of luck. The poor guy really needs to eat, so do whatever you can to get something into him.

Thank you for rescuing this poor baby!

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