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You started out as my little brother's puppy 20 yrs ago,but after he married you became my parent's empty nest child. You were so vivacious,and more human than dog. You used to make my daughter so mad by staring at her while she ate,but you never showed her anything but love. You were at my mother's side while she battled colon cancer and you mourned her death by staying in her bedroom for weeks. You comforted Dad after his loss and I thank you for helping him to cope. The last two years your health started going downhill,and your new stepmom came into your life. It was almost like having your old Mom home again. The loss of your eyesight and arthritis made no difference,you were still loved. Last weekend,after your stroke,we knew we would be losing you soon. Dad and Linda kept a close eye on you,watching for signs of pain,knowing what they would have to do. Linda took such good care of you... changing your diapers and keeping you comfy and warm. Saturday morning you woke them up to tell them goodbye. It was your time. You will be missed sweet Trixie. Never would I have thought my Daddy would shed a tear for an animal,but he did at your grave. Rest in peace sweet girl and chase the butterflies forever. Give Mom a big sloppy kiss when you see her.

RIP Trixie
1987-May 26,2007
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I'm so sorry.
Rest in Peace sweet Trixie.
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RIP Trixie. It sounds like you were very much loved and you had a long and happy life.
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Awwww Trixie, RIP sweetheart
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May you rest in peace, Trix! You will definitely be missed!!!!
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Goodbye sweet doggy!
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What a lovely girl Trixie sounds to be Keep looking down on those that love you Trixie

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RIP Sweet Trixie - look for Roger my RB dog, he'll show you around and you'll have some great adventures
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

RIP Trixie
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