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still straining

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hi all,

new to forum but really need advice!

2 yr old cat started straining yesterday eve and was only passing small amounts of urine. As he'd suffered from urinary problem only 2 or so months ago I took him straight to the vet.

They squeezed his bladder and said as some wee was able to come out there didn't seem to be a blockage. They gave him a shot and then prescribed Synulox and something called Cystaid.

Back at home he's still going to the litter tray constantly and using the incontinence mats I've have to place everywhere..sometimes he'll try and go on my shoe!?

Please, can someone tell me it's going to be okay...does it just take time for the antibiotics to kick in?? I'm so worried he doesn't seem to be getting better or am i being impatient?

He's also been put on a prescription 'wet' diet but doesn't seem really excited about eating anymore. He's preferring to like up the gravy...i just hope the antibiotics are going in him!

He managed a 2 hour nap (so did i!) and we've played a few ball games..but he's just not himself.

Please help if you can...

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Please call your local ER vet and decribe what you did here
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hi there,

I called them a few hours back and said i was still worried..they said if he still hadn't gone by tues i should come in. that just seems ages away!
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Is there any urine coming out at all now?

What was the shot they gave him?

Is there any wet food that he will eat?
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A droplet or 2, if that. I believe it an anitbiotic shot at about 1am yesterday and I was able to give him first 1/4 of pill this evening.

Well, he'd usually eat ANYTHING you put in front of him. I'm worried about going off the prescribed diet food tho..

He's not passed any stools since yesterday either.

I think this was due to dirty litter tray..is everything related do you know?

: (
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The prescription diet is important. It would not be wise for me to encourage you to feed him something different...HOWEVER, he does need to eat. The rx food won't help him at all if he won't eat it. Not eating will have a very detrimental effect at this point. It's a catch 22. There is no medicine in it (unless you put meds in it)...it's just formulated to help his condition. Like I said, IT IS very important - however he does need to eat.

I would call the vet again. And I would also do something to get some wet food into him today. The moisture and stress relief is critical.

A dirty litter tray would discourage him from "going" when he needs to, which can lead to these problems - yes.

I asked about the shot because my boy has had steriod shots at these difficult times and that's been the biggest help of anything at those moments. Inflammation is causing your boy some pain and difficulty urinating. Different vets have different methods for handling things, though.
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