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Getting to know you and settling in...

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Penny is starting to make herself at home in her new digs:

Ginger's been watching her from a distance:

But the she decides to get a little closer and say hello (well, ok, she growled hello, and Penny hissed back a "nice to meet you." )

And this picture is the only one from today, Day 3: Penny suspiciously checks out the view from the windows as she continues to settle in:

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Penney Hope you like your new home, your a very pretty girl Very nice pictures
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gorgeous pics!!!!
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She is a beauty - it is great to see a picture of the new gal.
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I'm in love with her eyes!!!!!!
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She is gorgeous! Stunning coat and green eyes. She was definitely worth waiting for.
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I her eyes!!@!
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Oh my gosh! Look at those gorgeous eyes in that last photo! Your so lucky to have brought her home with you! More pictures!
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Stunning girl, wonderful eyes!
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Great pictures! They seem to be doing well after just a couple of days
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Aww She's so pretty Betsy!!! I hope they all get along soon
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Oh my, Penny is just breathtaking I am in love...Betsy..I'm not sure I can choose between your kitties anymore..I thought I was sure about Ferris..but now!
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She is so pretty! Nice to meet you Penny!
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I dont know how u handle all that cuteness in ur house I just love pics of your crew, and well even more now
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WOW she is beautiful. Such neat markings.

My Penny says Hello to your Penny
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She is spectacular
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Awwwww welcome to your new home Penny Betsy she's stunning, but then i knew she would be
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aww sweet :]

Keep us posted!
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She is so gorgeous!! Look at those big eyes and pretty colors!
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