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Thanksgiving Feasts!

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I thought I would share pics at least of our Thanksgiving feast with everyone here. It's the next best thing to having y'all over for dinner!

I brought up the idea in yesterday's DT, so I hope I'm not the only one who remembered to take pics.

I'll share the cheesecake with everyone later. We're too full to even think about it right now!
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Now you've done it, now I'm hungry :P Looks like a great spread, I'll be coming over for next year
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Me too!
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Me too! Looks like it will be a party at your place Heidi! Hee hee
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Wow. I'd love to take part in a Thanksgiving dinner. It looks like such a wonderful, warm and happy celebration!
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We always make enough to feed an army, so you all are more than welcome!! :tounge2:

And for dessert, you have your choice of cheesecakes: Cherry Cheesecake on the left or Chocolate Marble Cheesecake on the right. Remember, cyber cheesecake has no calories.

Psst! Did anyone else remember to take pics?
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Sorry, didn't take a camera to the restaurant.

Bill and I both had filet mignon and it was wonderful! Bill wasn't able to finish his so, Opie, Rowdy and Ike were very happy creatures, this evening.
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Ill have the chocolate marble cheesecake, thanks!

I didnt take a photo of my dinner. Sorry
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here's mine, minus the turkey... forgot to get a picture of it before I carved it. I also made rolls and hors d'oeuvres of serrano ham and proscuietto wrapped around dill pickles
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Mmmm Mmmmm It all looks delicious!!! And Heidi, seeing as cyber cheesecake has no calories, I'll have one of each please!! And don't be stingey with the cream!!!
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Well - we have no dining table, so there's no "spread" per se - but here's Gary holding "his" Turkey (one of them!) It was sooooo good. I guess I should have taken a pic of one of the plates.... they were loaded with sweet potatoes and green bean casserole (pre-prepared and nuked), turkey and gravy, stuffing (baked in the turkey) and whole cranberry sauce (purchased).

Adymarie - if you're reading this thread - the raspberry pie was to die for!!!!!!! It was loaded with raspberries that tasted fresh, and it wasn't too sweet at all. It was the hit of the dinner (unfortunately we didn't bake the pies)...And although we thought we were going to go nuts for the dutch apple crumb - the regular apple pie was scrumpscious (sp?)!
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And Heidi - looks great! I'll take a piece of the cherry cheesecake, and Gary'll have a piece of the marble cheesecake (his favorite). They look sooooo goood!!

Myste - it sure looks like it was a hit! More importantly - did you have fun - or were you a nervous wreck?

Cindy - filet mignon? I'm glad you enjoyed - but I just can't imagine Thanksgiving without Turkey!

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Oh darn, now you've made me hungry again. You shall pay for your evil food displaying ways...........
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You'll just have to come over here and beat us all with turkey legs - I'm sure there's LOTS around! (That is, if you don't eat them first) :tounge2:
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Laurie - where is my pie - I am posting more - i have to keep checking if a supervisor is around so I don't get in trouble - but I did promise you (and I am trying to get to 3000 posts).
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I am getting VERY hungry!! I love the pics!!!! MMMMMM-MMMMM!!!

I got my "fix" of green bean casserole this year...it's my favorite and I never get to make it cause hubby hates it, so I have to get my fill at Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!
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Everyone's dinner looks so good! Think I'll run to the fridge for more leftovers...

I didn't realize how *evil* this thread really is! I even had the huge feast, and seeing everyone else's make ME hungry! LOL

There's still plenty of cyber cheesecake to go around. If all of you are having some, why isn't it disappearing from my fridge?? Maybe if I stuff it though the CD Rom.....:tounge2:
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