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What's wrong with her??? She's driving me crazy!

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For the past week or so, I've noticed that Sasha has left the majority of the mothering to Missy. Sasha will feed occasionally, but mostly just sits and watches from the humans bed. Yesterday, Missy was out of the box walking around and Sasha was throwing a temper tantrum at her, and yelled and squealed until she got back in the box with the babies and then Sasha went to our bed and took a nap.
Yesterday afternoon, I checked on kittens and found that one was missing (Jasmine). After a frantic 2 minute search, I found her in a box on the other side of the basement... she was fine, but Sasha wasn't concerned about her yelling. Then I woke up to a kitten screaming this morning... Sasha had put her (Peanut) in the top dresser drawer which was open just a tiny bit. Both times that she "stole" a kitten, after I put it back with the litter she yelled at me... yesterday she wouldn't stop meowing, so I took her to another room and left her for 5 minutes and when she came back, she was fine... well, she was fine until this morning at least. They're in a large puppy play pen and it's half open at the top so the mommas can come and go as they please. Do I need to just start locking her up with some of the babies in a different crate? But if I do that, Missy will become frantic that some of the babies are missing... she really is an excellent mom. Any ideas on why Sasha may be doing this and what I can do to stop it?
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Sasha is a spoiled brat??? lol, Maybe she has spoiled brat syndrome!!! I don't know, but isn't that hard on Missy to be nursing all the kittens? It does sound like you have a problem on your hands.. I am sorry I am no help, but I figured a good luck should be in place for you, and Sasha, and Missy.
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hold on im confused , why cant you keep sashas babys with sasha, and missys babys with missy?
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Because from the day Missy's babies were born, the mommas have insisted on being together. They refuse to be seperated... so I just gave them all a bigger box and let them all be together. This behavior has just recently started, before now everything was great.
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Do you think you could try a trial separation? It seems like the only thing that might work at this point? I'm only going on that advice that I've heard before, but it seems to me like it might be the best option. At least until Sasha starts nursing again...
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These are the two you posted pics of that were crammed in that tiny little box, right?

I think you might need to lock the kitties in the pen with the babies. However, do give them their "me" time....whenever you are home(like cooking supper, whatever), open up the pen. I'd keep it closed at night & while you are at work, though.
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